Quality products and efficient marketing: Key to success of RFL Group

Md Shariful Islam Senior Brand Manager RFL Group

Md Shariful Islam
Senior Brand Manager
RFL Group

RFL group is a well established business concern of Bangladesh. In 1981, today’s Rangpur Foundry Limited (RFL) was founded in Rangpur BSCIC Industrial Estate initiated by late Major General Amjad Khan Chowdhury. Although it was started with hand tube-well in a little extent, now RFL includes worth mentioning extensive products like Pump, Gas, Stove, Bathroom fittings, UPVC pipe, Bicycle, Welding Electrodes, Melamine and Aluminum Crockeries, Cables and Electronics items, etc.

As a result of manufacturing quality products and efficient marketing RFL Group has become a trusted organization of millions of people. It is going ahead capitalizing confidence and choice of the people. The small organization founded in 1981 is now a public listed Group of Companies with strength of more than forty thousand employees.

RFL products are now unavoidable in every house of the country. RFL has earned a degree of acceptability over the decades in the heart of the people of Bangladesh. If attention is given to the market, it can be seen how for RFL is accepted. RFL is always dedicated in fulfilling the increasing demand of consumers. Because of steadfastness with that goal RFL has become one of the largest companies of Bangladesh. Our Chairman and CEO Ahsan Khan Chowdhury is a man of creativity and farsightedness. So, success must come when leadership is dynamic. But, success never depends on a particular thing. One must endeavor and discharge his duties punctually in order to attain success. Our Chairman and CEO is such a dynamic person who himself is working hard and leading us to earn all these qualities in attaining success and making RFL products free from defects not only for Bangladesh but also for throughout the world.
In spite of RFL being a huge business organization, here we maintain a good number of principles of equality. There is no difference between a lower graded employee and a high official. Everybody wears similar kind of dress and shirt of sky-colour. Dinning space is open to all. Everybody can hold free discussion with the top management. This is the ideal of RFL Group.

We are very serious in maintaining quality of our products. RFL is the one that maintains the best quality from its beginning till today. We are always concerned mattering whatever consumers get the products up to their expectation and at the same time if the price of is within their purchase capability. We always ensure quality assurance and offer cheap rate to the consumers. By improving research and new invention we are manufacturing products of international standards. We try to appreciate the demands of consumers and turn those into products by means of our capacity and try to offer our customers standard quality, higher service and expected price.

I believe the quality standard should be determined on the basis of demands and capabilities of the target market. To survive in the competition market it is necessary to produce customers’ demand oriented products. The quality of demand changes in the wake of time. The consumers always want quality products. So, dynamic system is always essential to meet customers’ demand. Dynamic system reveals tracking errors in the manufacturing process in a factory. Developing training arrangement is always required for workers involved in productions to ensure and promote quality products; all of those RFL follows very carefully. Moreover, we have introduced the arrangement of quality circle in the factory where workers spontaneously participate and improve their quality sifting the production defects. FRL has earned a lot of goodwill at home and abroad by manufacturing quality goods in the mean time and we are committed to maintain the same in future too.

Meeting the local demand, RFL is exporting products abroad. RFL started its export in 1996 through sending its products in France. Now, apart from African countries RFL, products are exported to more than 50 countries including Asia, Europe and the Middle-East. FRL has been playing a pivotal role by introducing Bangladesh in the world community. It has a significant role in boosting national export performance and earning valuable foreign currency. From the very beginning in respect of the socio-economic field of the country, RFL’s role in of paramount importance which will be continued in the upcoming days for the prosperity of Bangladesh, its soil and people as well.

In its very beginning RFL founded factory in Rangpur so that the extent of employment increases in the rural areas and rural people can work in congenial atmosphere for their health. In this manner RFL is committed to establish more factories in districts of Bangladesh and abroad. RFL has been working with the utmost endeavor and leadership of our highly experienced Managing Director R. N. Paul and is expected to expand the volume of it in future continuing the existing procedures. Bangladesh is benefitted through the achievements of RFL. A huge number of people working in different ways with RFL network have turned themselves as asset for their own and for the country. One day they will keep the wheel of world economy actively. We believe RFL Group will one day dominate the global market.

In respect of business branding is very vital with permanent importance. In order to survive in competition the brand building and brand marketing must be emphasized. Only advertisement does not build a brand. For positioning brand a perfect brand vision, mission, and values are very important. Any brand will quickly fall when there is dissimilarity between brand vision and product or service. In the area of service, brand is more applicable when a product terms brand, the business volume expands, profit increases, sustainable business needs the use of branding with importance.
So, for a good branding it requires proper vision, suitable manpower, farsighted business outlook, intents for investment, infrastructure, professional outlook, proper corporate culture, values evaluation of creativity, inspiration among the workers, human development policy, use of technology and modern corporate mentality. The total sales of a particular product depend on proper marketing.

Our commitment is not only manufacturing quality goods, we have our own skilled brand team, a widened distribution network, together with one efficient sales and service team. We are capable to reach our products to any end of Bangladesh by 12 hours. I think for a suitable and strong role in order to expand the volume of business, arrival of new products into the market, the fundamental duty of the branding is to reach the quality of a certain products to the customers. Branding is virtually arranged for introducing certain products among the consumers. Our brand team precisely operates ahead of a team plan in order to provide target group with a good conception about the products and to create a sequence for fresh discussion for a new product.

In all events we significantly consider the time factor, management and team work and customer satisfaction. We are working “promises to keep-miles to go. We urge all to co-operate us to achieve our goal and we give thanks to all for their choice to RFL products.