Rajshahi College: The Department of Accounting

--Professor Prodip Kumar Shaha


Accounting is an information system that identifies records and communicates economic events of an organisation to the interested users. Whether we manage the affairs of a business or are concerned with the activities of any non-profit organisation, knowledge of Accounting must be of the greatest value. In every organisation, the executives have to make financial decisions. They require necessary information to make effective decisions. It is Accounting that can provide them with those crucial information. So, every organisation should have a proper accounting system. Financial reporting is possibly the most important aspect of Accounting. Because, without financial reports, managers cannot evaluate how well their company is doing or they cannot make decisions about the best way to make their company grow in the future. Without financial reports, investors and lenders cannot make decisions about how to allocate their funds. So, the managers, investors and lenders should have sound knowledge in Accounting. The department of Accounting, Rajshahi College is striving hard to develop skilled and efficient human resources in the field of Accounting.

A Brief History of Accounting Department

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Rajshahi College is playing a very important role in the field of higher education in Bangladesh. As a member of Rajshahi College family, The Department of Accounting is playing its part properly with utmost sincerity. Rajshahi College, launched Accounting as a separate department in the year 1973. Professor Gazi Abdus Salam was the founder chairman of the department. Three – year Honours course was introduced with 25 students under Rajshahi University in that year. Masters course was also introduced under National University from the academic session of 1994-1995. Now, around 2000 students are enrolled in this department in different courses. The following courses are in operation at present in this department:

1. 4 year Honours course (BBA)

2. Masters Preliminary course (MBS-Prel.)

3. Masters Final (MBS-Final)


The Department of Accounting is engaged in the development of efficient human resource to cater the growing needs of various business and non-business organisations. It is a rich department not only in terms of financial resources but also of intellectual resources. Renowned educationists Prof. Gazi Abdus Salam, Prof. Nazrul Islam, Prof. Nitai Chandra Shaha , Prof. Arun KumarĀ  Bhattacharjee once served the department. They set a very high standard which is still upheld by the department. Over the years, the Department of Accounting achieved enviable academic results both in Honours and Masters Examination. In the recent years, a good number of students of this department obtained first class in their Honours and Masters examinations under National University. The students of this department also participate in various extra – curricular activities like debate competition, inter-departmental football competition, blood donation programme etc.


Current Management

The department of Accounting is currently functioning under the dynamic leadership of Prof. Prodip Kumar Shaha. A group of very dynamic and capable teachers extend all-out cooperation to the departmental head for smooth functioning of the department. A list of the teachers is given below: