Rajshahi College: The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies

--Professor Muhammad Afsar Ali


Arabic Department is an old department of Rajshahi College. It was launched a few years after the college had been established in 1873. In 1878 the Department was recognized as the Department of Arabic and Persian. Courses on Islamic Studies were also going on simultaneously in along with other courses and subsequently in 1981 the name was changed. At present, the courses on B.A (Pass) in both Arabic and in Islamic Studies, B.A (Hons) and M.A in Arabic Literature and M.A in Islamic Studies are going on.

Only nine teachers are guiding approximately 900 students studying in different courses. Among them one is Professor, two are Associate Professors, three are Assistant Professors and three are Lecturers. It is highly appreciable that this department is considered as the centre of education that covered hundred and thirty six years.  Some national educational scholars like Professor Dr. M. A. Bari, two times former Vice -Chancellor of the University of Rajshahi and founder Vice- Chancellor of National University, Professor Dr. Golam Maksud Hilaly, a distinguished Islamic scholar and well-versed in different languages, Professor Dr. Lutful Haque and many other scholars rendered their valuable services as the teachers of this Department.

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The study on two important subjects Arabic Literature and Islamic Studies is going on in accordance with prescribed syllabus of National University in this department where a good number of students get themselves admitted in the courses of B. A. (Hons) Arabic and M.A. in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Many valuable books and rare resources on Arabic are preserved for students’ study in the library which is one of the biggest and oldest libraries of Bangladesh.

The department has also its rich seminar room with nearly one thousand rare Arabic books. Students can study them sitting in the seminar room and also can borrow desired resource books following a library system. It has successfully introduced an Academic Course Plan that focuses on the total programmes  about regular classes, class tests, in-course exams, results etc. Students can participate in extracurricular activities every year including indoor games, debate competitions, cultural activities, study tours and so on. The Department is obviously promised to help the learners and give all kinds of facilities related to proper education in order to build their thriving future. As the department holds a religious responsibility, it tries its best to ensure every endeavour to develop leadership quality among the students and make them practical persons of the society.

The department is well recognized in its academic arena and students are satisfied with the teaching techniques and methods of their respective teachers. Every year a large number of students are taking part in several competitive examinations after completing their courses successfully. The result is remarkable. Several times the students of this department secured the first position in Honours and Masters level examinations of National University.

The department is always ready to run all the programmes smoothly. Teacher-student relationship is very good here. Teachers sincerely keep all the students in their close contact. Besides the department maintains close communication with the guardians of the students. At present nine teachers with brilliant academic background are teaching in this department. They are sincere and devoted to their profession. They love their students and always try to make them successful in life. They are: