Rajshahi College: The Department of Botany

--Professor Kohinoor Banu


The word Botany is derived from the Greek noun botane which means herb. It is a branch of Biology which deals with the study of Plants. Biology is the Science of Life. The scope of the natural science is vast, as it covers the study of life in plants, animals as well as human beings. For practical purposes Biology is sub-divided into two sister sciences – Botany dealing with plants and Zoology with animals.

Before going to have a discussion on Botany it is desirable to make an attempt to know something about life and living matters. One can hardly give a satisfactory answer to the question “What is life”? Life is abstract. It has no objective reality apart from the living body. Hence it evades definition. It may be compared to the flame of a candle which is produced by the burning of the candle substance. Life similarly finds expression in the various activities of plants and animals and it has no real existence outside the living body.

Botany, a branch of Biological Science is the study of living being. Botany Department is one of the oldest Departments in the Science faculty of Rajshahi College. At present the Botany Department is housed in a two storied building which was build in the year 1930. At that time its name was New Arts Building. In the same year a decorated Botany Laboratory with precious furniture and instruments was built on the ground floor of the building. That year this department started to teach Botany at the higher secondary level. At that time the Principal of this College was Dr. W.A. Jenkins, D.Sc and the only teacher of this department was Babu Bolai Chand Kundu, M.A, who was famous as B.C.Kundu. He served this department from 1930 to 1937.

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Our Botany Department is situated at the middle position on the Rajshahi College Campus. Honours course in Botany started in 1957. At that time the Principal was Dr. Abdul Haque and the Head of the Department was Dr. Samsul Huda Chowdhury. Many renowned teachers served this department. Now this department is enriched with a Laboratory furnished with necessary equipments and a seminar library with a huge number of books.

Around one thousand students study in this department in B.Sc Pass, Honours, Previous and Masters  courses.

Along with the main laboratory a Biotechnology laboratory is playing a significant role to learn the new technology of tissue culture technique to plant production. A small Botanical Garden decorates the front part of this Building.

At present there are 14 teachers, 1 computer operator and 2 MLSS in this department. Our present Head of the Department is Professor Kohinoor Banu who has been   running the department very successfully since 14.02.2009. She is our 26th Departmental Head. Under her dynamic leadership the Department is imparting effecting teaching. Its name and fame now spreads all over the country.


Besides brilliant and glorious academic attainments, teachers and students of this Department regularly take part in co-curricular activities and they try to give a good account of themselves.

Let us all hope that the Dept. of Botany of Rajshahi College continues to produce efficient and competent good citizens for our beloved country.