Rajshahi College: The Department of Finance and Banking

-Associate Professor Md. Aminul Islam


Introduction: Finance is a unique blend of different activities like raising of funds, investment of funds and management of funds to achieve the objectives of a business. Profit and wealth maximizations are the two main objectives that a firm desires to achieve. For achieving these objectives, a financial manager has to make three very important decisions which are mentioned below:

1. Investment Decision

2. Financing Decision

3. Dividend Decision

With a view to making students resourceful in finance and banking Rajshahi College felt a great need to start the Department of Finance and Banking so that students who have interest in developing their skills in finance and baking can study in the college and they can play a very   significant role in financial management when they will have jobs in different sectors.

History of Finance and Banking Department


Since its start Rajshahi College has been spreading education in different branches and playing a very important role in providing human resource to different sectors of the country. Every business and non business organization needs efficient human resource for smooth financial management. Keeping this in mind the authority of Rajshahi College took initiative to launch Finance as a separate department from the academic session 2011-2012. A committee comprising Dr. Md. Shah Alam, Associate Prof. of Management, Md. Aminul Islam, Associate Prof. of Accounting and Md. Antaz Ali, Lecturer in Accounting performed procedural activities under the guidelines of Prof. Md. Habibur Rahman, the  Vice-Principal of Rajshahi College. The Department of Finance and Banking officially commenced its operation under the supervision of Accounting Depar-tment since January 2013. As a member of Rajshahi College family the Department of Finance and Banking is now working with utmost sincerity and imparting education to students in Finance and Banking.

At the moment the following teachers are engaged in this departments.