Rajshahi College: The Department of History

--Professor Sadiqua Hasna


History is the sequential records of the gradual development of greater human society. It keeps a subtle eye on human relationship, exchange of clash and co-ordination among the human races and preserves them for ages. We can also call history the black-box of civilization. We can gain our knowledge on the ups and downs of any country and nation from history.

Brief Background: This department was introduced when Rajshahi College was established in 1873. Many prominent figures of the country served here as teachers, such as A.R Mallick who became the Vice Chancellor of Chittagong University later and then the finance minister of Bangladesh. Habibur Rahman Shely, former teacher of the department, became the Chief Justice and also the Chief Advisor of the Caretaker Government of Bangladesh.

Following them many students of this department became famous home and abroad. It is mentionable that B.A pass course was introduced in 1878. B.A pass and Hons courses continued upto session 1933-1934. Previous course was here under Rajshahi university upto 1993. From 1993-1994 session B.A, Previous and masters course are running under National University.

History was one of the first five subjects of the College. Here are some of the availabe names of the teachers since 1933. But we are unable to collect names of the teachers chronologically from the beginning. We have some incomplete data to mention some teachers’ names of this department from 1933. They are –

Sadiqua Hasna

Professor Atal Behari Bhattacharyya (1931-1942), Professor Krishna-dhan Banerji (1933-1942), Lecturer Anil Chandra Chaudhury, Lecturer Amritilal Gupta(1936-), Maulvi A.M Kamal Uddin, Maulvi Nurul Karim, Maulvi Ishaque, Maulvi Md. Mir Zahan (1953-1959), Dr. Azizur Rahman Mallick (1953-1955), Habibur Rahman Shely (1955-1956), A.M Wahedu-zzaman (1955), Muhammad Ramzan (1957-1959), Mohar Ali (1958-1959), Mahmud Hassan, K.M Karim- Mahbubal (1957-), Bazler Rahman Khan (1962-), Shakhawat Hossain (1969-), Kazi Shahidul Haque (1969-).

However, after the War of Independence of Bangladesh in 1971 we get clear and complete information about the academic staff list of this department.

Student information as follows-

Degree pass course and M.A in private are also available. Recently intermediate level is reopened in this College.

At present the department is headed by Professor Sadiqua Hasna who tries her best to create a very healthy and supportive environment  in the department so that both teachers and students can teach  and learn the subject effectively.