Rajshahi College: The Department of Mathematics

--Professor Md. Musharraf Husain


The department of Mathematics started its journey in 1878 shortly after the establishment of the college with only two teachers. Honours and Masters courses in Mathematics were introduced in 1881 and 1893 respectively. In the third decade of the 20th century, the number of posts was four among which two posts were reserved for professors and the other two for lecturers. This staff pattern remained unchanged until 1980. The number of teaching staff was raised to seven in 1981and then twelve in 1997. The number of students was 40 per session in 1972 and at present it has increased to 180 per session. The department is running with three class rooms, two modern computer laboratories, one seminar cum library room, one teacher’s room and a room for the Head of the Department. There are 5000 books in the seminar library. At present, about 1500 students are studying in this department. This department also teaches Mathematics to the students of eleventh and twelfth classes of science group. Results of the students under National University examinations are praiseworthy. In the Masters Final Examinations of 2009, 40 students secured first class among 146 students, and in the Honours Final Examination of 2009, 32 students secured first class among 137.

After the completion of Honours and Masters Courses in Mathematics, the students have good job opportunities. They can serve in both public and private organizations. In the past, a good number of students qualified in BCS, in IT sector, Bank, Multinational Company etc.

Under the curriculum of National University, some important and job-oriented courses are taught in this department. They acquire practical experience on programming Language Mathematica and Fortran which are very helpful for them for getting computer related jobs. They also acquire the knowledge of lattice theory, Discrete Mathematics, Astronomy, Differential Geometry, Theory of Numbers, Fluid Dynamics, Differential and Integral Equations, Numerical Analysis and Theory of Relativity etc.

The teachers teach the students moral values along with the prescribed texts. Students take part in annual sports, football tournament every year. They can also enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of nature by observing the land of charming scenery during their study tours.

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This department is enriched with twelve distinguished teachers. Highly motivated and experienced teachers are engaged to make a foundation to develop the skills and knowledge of the students.

The life of the spirit is a life of thought, the ideal of thought is truth, and everlasting truth is the goal of Mathematics.