Rajshahi College: The Department of Physics

--Professor Md. Ekramul Hoque


Rajshahi college was established in 1873. On 1st April of that year, 1st Year and 2nd Year F.A (First Arts) classes started with only 6 students, which continued up to 1908. In 1909, I.Sc course started.

After having permission in 1877, B. Sc classes started in Rajshahi College in 1878. According to the sources available, Honours courses started in some of the departments even before 1887. Though Masters Course was initiated in 1893, the permission of running the course was withdrawn in 1909. However, later in 1993, under National University, Masters Course started again.

Though the exact date of the inception of Physics Department at Rajshahi College is unknown, in the light of various available sources, it can be deduced that Physics as a subject was there since the foundation of the college. It is traced out that a student named Syed Abdus Salek achieved Honours degree with distinction from Physics and Chemistry (in those days these two subjects were one) in 1887. According to available data, in 1912-13 session the number of students having Physics subject was 138; the number of Intermediate students was 86, B.A (Pass Course) students 41, and B. Sc (Pass Course & Hons.) students 11. In that session number of teachers was 2 and demonstrators 2. In 1912-13 session Teachers of Physics were Babu Bala Charan Bhattacharya and the then Principal Kumu-dinikanta Banerjee Bahadur, who is considered the architect of Rajshahi College. He was a Professor of Physics. At his endeavor, the present Physics building was established. After 1930 many famous personalities worked as teachers in this department, of whom some notables are: H C Ganguly(1934), Moulavi Aftabuddin Ahmed, Dr. Abdullah Al-Muti Sarfuddin, Dr. Sadaruddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Dr. Mokbular Rahman Sarkar.

Area of Physics Department: Apart from the prestigious Physics building, classes are also conducted in some rooms on the ground floor of the 3rd Science Building.

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Class Room: Gallery- 02, Normal Class Room- 02, Physics Laboratory- 04, Seminar- 01, Office Room- 01, Store- 01, Bathroom- 03.

One of the two galleries, one is used as the classroom for the XI Science ‘A’ group students and the other is used as the class room for the students of third year hons.

On the 1st floor of the said building there are the Optical Lab and the Electricity & Electronics Lab which are being used for the 1st year honours and non-major students, and 2nd Year Degree Pass and 3rd Year students. The Lab on the ground floor of the 3rd Science Building is used as the Lab for the students of 4th Year Hons, Masters Part I and Masters Final Year. The labs of this Department are quite rich.

Apart from the Central Library, the Physics Department has its Seminar. In the Seminar there are many books on Physics which the students can either study or borrow. A teacher of the Department manages it.