Rajshahi College: The Department of Political Science

--Prof. Mohammad Moazzem Hossain

Political Science

In 1916 the study of Political Science was initiated in Rajshahi College as Civics in the Intermediate of Arts (I.A.) class under the Department of Civics and Economics. Within the same Department, in 1950, Political Science was incorporated as a distinct course for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) classes. The Department of Politics was introduced in 1953. Upto 1956, parallel to the Department of Civics and Economics, the Department of Politics existed. In 1957 the study of Civics was left to the Department of Politics. From that time the Department of Politics was renamed as the Department of Civics and Political Science. In 1981 it was re-titled as the Department of Political Science.

In 1972, the students of Rajshahi College organized a hunger strike demanding affiliation of Bachelor of honours courses in Political Science by Rajshahi University authority. Owing to direct intermediation by the then Honourable Relief and Rehabilitation Minister A. H. M Quamruzzaman, the Rajshahi University authority accepted the demand and the strike was called off. However, until 1994 no masters courses were conducted by the department as the students having honours degree had been admitted into masters Classes in Rajshahi University.

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In 1994, for the first time the Department introduced masters courses under the affiliation of National University. Despite having infrastructral constraints (i.e. classroom, infrastructural common room and hostel facilities) and an irrational teacher-student ratio (about 1: 250) atypical typical to the standard of higher education, the department yet remains country’s one of the leading higher education conferring departments among affiliated colleges of National University.

In 1996 the department ended its higher secondary courses (HSC) with the closure of the courses by the college. Nevertheless, due to dearth in quality institutions and growing demand for higher secondary level education in Rajshahi the HSC courses have been reinstated in 2010. With fresh enthusiasm by the students and all walks of people of Rajshahi, soon after the inclusion of HSC courses, Rajshahi College has regained its position as one of the best higher secondary education conferring institutions of this region. Since the reinsertion of HSC courses Civics has been taught as one of the core subjects for the students of humanities group.

Even with its limited resources, the department provides optimum services to the students. It keeps a watchful eye on completing the entire syllabus in due time. Towards this end, a well-devised academic calendar and course plan are being followed. In particular, the students of HSC classes are given special attention. In attaining their best performances, the department, following the directives of the college authority, recurrently conducts class tests, solve classes, counseling services as well as shares and disseminates ideas and views to their parents. Beyond routine activities (i.e. conducting classes and examinations), it arranges seminars, remedial classes as well as various co-curricular activities like study tour, celebration of national days, cultural programmes and sports. The department provides a very congenial atmosphere among teachers and students as well.