Rajshahi College: The Department of Social Work

--Professor Mir Serajul Islam

Social Work

Social Work is a professional and academic discipline that seeks to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of an individual, group, or community by intervening through research, policy, practice and teaching on behalf of those afflicted with poverty or any social injustices and violations of their human rights. Social Work, as an interdisciplinary field, it includes theories from Economics, Educa-tion, Sociology, Medicine, Philosophy, Politics,  Psychology and several fields of knowledge and academic arena.

Social Workers help people to overcome their psycho-social problems and make their lives better. Social Work Department is committed to upholding its students as skilled social workers and human resources to face the challenges of 21st century.

In this college, the Department of Social Work was launched in 1972 with B.S.S (Pass) course. The founder Head was Professor Mrs. Ayesha Khatun, later the principal of Noagoan Govt. College. Higher Secondary course was introduced in 1988. With the demand of time M.S.S course was introduced in 1996 here under National University. Finally the 4-year B.S.S (Hons.) course was started in 2006. The number of students is about 2500. Now 12 talented and devoted teachers are working in this department.

Social Work PP

Department of Social Work is one of the largest departments of the college in terms of enrolment of students. The department is situated on the first floor of two storied 1st Science Building adjacent to the southern side of the college play ground. It was built in 1920 at the cost of 20,000/- , donated by the then famous Zaminder, Babu Basanta Kumar. At present the department offers HSC course under Rajshahi Education Board, Rajshahi and B.S.S (Pass), B.S.S (Hon’s) and M.S.S (Part-1) and M.S.S Final under National University, Bangladesh.

At present, around 150 students study in XI, XII class. At the same time 500, 1200, 500, 400 students study in B.S.S (Pass), B.S.S (Hon’s), M.S.S (Part-1) and in M.S.S Final accordingly.

There are thirteen qualified faculty members in the department with a professional attitude. All are working with the students to provide quality education in a cordial manner. There is a student adviser who closely monitors the students, shares their problems and takes necessary action.

We have total 2500 innovative and sincere students. Last year, sixty students got A+ in HSC, six students got first class in M.S.S final and seven students got first class in B.S.S (Hon’s) final examination.

There is a rich seminar with 1500 academic books and journals. The current students use the seminar for reading and borrowing books. There are four well circulated daily newspapers for the students in the seminar.

Teachers also take special care of the students in co-curricular activities and study tours. Every year study tour is arranged by the students under the guidance of the teachers. The sites which are attractive to the historians, tourists and social work students in terms of cultural and heritage are given priority for the tour. We have a reputation in co-curricular activities, and last year we won runner up trophy in inter- department football tournament. We have also a national level artist and debater.

The students avail the opportunity of becoming a cadet, a rover and a member of Red Crescent. They actively take part in internal and national crisis.