Rajshahi College: The Department of Statistics

--Professor Dewan Abdur Razzak


Rajshahi College, an institution with a great heritage, emerged as one of the best colleges in the North Bengal as well as in the whole country since its inception. The Department of Statistics came into being on 22nd August, 1973 offering the courses in Higher Secondary, Degree (Pass) and Subsidiary levels. B A Honours course was started in the department from the session of 1986-87 after 14 years of its establishment.

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With due respect, we acknowledge the contribution of those enlightened persons who took initiative to start Honours course in the department. It is found from a study that the then Head of the Department and the teachers of the department were enthusiastic to introduce Honours course. The Head of the Department Mr. Md. Idris Ali and Mr. Yasin Ali Dewan maintained necessary communication with the Department of Statistics, University of Rajshahi. Khondakar Monirul Islam, Head, Department of Psychology extended his hands of support in this regard. The erstwhile Principal of Rajshahi College Dr. Abul Quasem persuaded Professor Khondakar Monowar Hussain to take initiative in introducing Honours courses. With his effort Rajshahi College was allowed to introduce Honours course by an order of the Ministry of Education [No. 6/2c-21/87(993)1(2) dated 14.09.1987]. Professor Khondakar Monowar Hussain contributed a lot to initiate Honours course. With a view to opening Honours course Professor Hussain and Mrs. Hosne Ara Hussain visited Statistics Department and the library of Rajshahi College. On the basis of their inspection report, Rajshahi College was permitted to open Honours course in Statistics from the session of 1986-87 by the order no. 269/ka-pa dated 26.04.1987. At the time of establishment Mr. Md.Idris Ali, Associate Professor of Statistics, was the Head of the Department. Mr. Md. Abul Asas Mahmud, Assistant Professor of Statistics, Mr. Md. Mozammel Huque, Lecturer in Statistics and Mr. Md. Yasin Ali Dewan, Lecturer in Statistics, were also serving the department at that time. At present the number of teachers in the department is twelve.

Rajshahi College was affiliated with the National University in 1992. The department started Masters level courses from the session of 1993-94 under National University.

The academic results at the Honours and Masters levels are highly satisfactory. It has been possible for the wholehearted efforts of the teachers as well as the relentless pursuit of excellence of the students even though the department lacks the requisite number of teachers.

With the best endeavours of the former Head of the Departmnt Mr. Md. Yasin Ali Dewan and the sincere co-operation of former Principal Professor Tarun Kumar Battacharya a computer unit has been established in the department. As it did in the past, the department is committed to imparting quality education even in the days to come.