Rajshahi College: The ICT Project of Digital Services

-Md. Abdul Wadud

Digital Services

E-Service plays an important role to bring momentum, transparency and accountability in government service. To achieve the goals of A-2I Programme of Digital Bangladesh, Rajshahi College, one of the oldest educational institutions of Bangladesh, has taken some initiatives which are as follows:

1.   Rajshahi College has set up interactive website to publish updated data and information on daily basis. All sorts of information and reports are posted through the website. So, the Ministry of Education or DG office can download any information from the college website, if necessary. An elaborate description of different kinds of services offered by the college is given in its citizen charter.

2.   Manifold notices of the college such as Exam routine, admission, form fill-up and the directives of the authority are published regularly.

3.   Recently Local Area Net work (LAN) has been installed in this college with more than 1000 meter optical fiber. After installment of LAN, it is very easy to maintain communication, preserve data through its own server of 24 departments situated in the different buildings, central library hostels and the accounts branch of the college.

4.   Rajshahi College has made its own database software locally naming ‘Easy College mate’  by a group of expert programmers of raj IT Rajshahi.

5.   In the mean time, online admission and preservation of all kinds of data of this college has been started in this database software. This database will keep all the records and data of 26,000 students studying in this college including the students who will be admitted in the future.

6.   At present all the procedures of admission and form fill up are being completed rapidly at different stages through using LAN and internet.

7.   To facilitate the issuing of testimonials, character certificates, online system has been introduced.

8.   This database software is made strong enough to bring accountability in administration and transparency in accounts. In future all kinds of communication and real picture of money transaction, spending and earning will be found easily from this website.

9.   At present the high speed (10Mbs) Broad Brand Leased Internet Service is provided to all departments. After installation of this service from BTCL, Internet has gained pace. For this, transparency and momentum in information and communication have been increased significantly through connecting college database with college website. This type of high speed (10Mbs) Internet service is helping Rajshahi College in all regards.

10. All the files and documents are preserved in the College Library which are historically valuable and hard to get will be transformed into the digital format within a very short time and its windows will be opened to all.


A group of experts is needed to conduct all the activities smoothly. So to make skilled and qualified ICT expert, training courses have been conducted on regular basis in Rajshahi College. ICT centre is equipped with modern technology. Rajshahi College is contributing continuously to build up Digital Bangladesh concept of the government through materializing its ICT Policy. Rajshahi College is trying its level best to support students in every possible ways so that they can meet the challenges of 21st century.