Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank in the development of Thakurgaon district

--S M Helal


Md. Helal Uddin ZM Thakurgaon

Thakurgaon is completely an agro-based district of northern zone. In this district RAKUB is serving farmers and other professionals of this area for the socio-economic development through 5 upazilla and 14 union level branches. Unfortunately, it is true, banking service development did not get priority in context to the real demand and future prospect of local agronomy earlier

But, since 2010 (3 to 4 years) RAKUB with the promotive and brighter leadership of Prof. Dr. M. Shahnowaz Ali, Chairman of the Board of Director of this Bank and top management, we have brought a massive change in banking service and mentality of farmers and business alites through organizing deposit banking fares in opening new savings, school banking and other term deposit accounts; disbursing loans in NCDP crops like potato, Boro, Robi-crops, etc.; SME credit/cash credit/ working capital, dairy and beef fatting loans towards the genuine growers and entrepreneurs of this district. A few information will clear the promotion in banking sector of Thakurgaon as mentioned bellow:

During the last three years, the depositor clients have been increased in the following rate(figure in lacs):

Not only that, we are doing CSR activities by providing Eid Samoggry (in Eid-Ul-Fitre) and winter clothes to our local Muktijoddha and disabled men and women every year introduced by our present Board of Directorate.

For service development of our valued customers, two old tin-shade branch buildings have been shifted to new accommodative pucca building during the last year. Side by side, the operational loss of this zone has been reduced significantly in the last 3 years as mentioned bellow (figure in lacs):

We have targeted to bring out this Thakurgaon zone as a breakeven/ profitable zone during this financial year through increasing disbursement in the crop, SME and cash credit sectors on priority basis and by recovering the classified loans of Tk 3900.00 lac (which is bad loans of Bank) through intensive field level special recovery campaign and Rin mela with classified borrowers through invitation, two-way idea exchange and  myking in hat bazar around the commanding area ofthe individual branches.

Thakurgaon-School Banking Thakurgaon copy

With the increasing financial support of through 19 branches, farmers are producing HYV Potato, Cucumber, Korolla, Brinzal, Mustard etc. crops aside the paddy and wheat cultivation, supplying this products to Dhaka and other city areas of Bangladesh. Farmers are getting higher prices of their production during the season time. We are proud in helping them and we hope to maximize the coverage of disbursements facility in all sectors of agri-credit within short time. Not only that, we are trying to provide rural home solar system, electricity credit through ten(10) selected branches of this district and using biogas plant establishment along with the dairy farming credit  holders in green banking of Thakrgaon district.


In the last year (2013-2014), we have introduced in 9 branches computer banking and rest 10 branches have been supplied with requisite number of computer set, which will be brought under live operation by the coming June of the year 2015, making a complete digital RAKUB in Thakurgaon district.

Thus, we have a vision of financial sectoral development programme in 2015-2016 for farmers of Thakurgaon district with the present disbursement target from 50.00 crore to 60.00 crore, deposit collection target 80.00 crore to 100.00 crore and serve all types of agro-based businessmen making a farmer based digital and dynamic RAKUB in the Thakurgaon district with the full support of our present Board of Directorate and  top management Insa-Allah.