RAJUK: An overview of Zone-8

AKM Maksudul Arifin
Director, Zone-8
Rajdhani Unnyan Kartripakkha

The Development Control Wing of Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) consists of eight distinct zones. Zone-8 is one of them and it is sub-divided into three sub- zones named subzone 8/1, subzone 8/2 and subzone 8/3. This zone-8 is headed by a Zonal Director and it holds a total number of 127 manpower in the organogram of RAJUK. But at present only 43 employees are at service at this zone.

Zone-8 shifts to its zonal office at 55/A, S M Maleh Road, Narayanganj in November, 2017 for providing prompt service to the people of this area. Major areas of Zone-8 consist of Dania, Jurain, Shyampur, Matuail, Kadamtali, Fatullah, Shiddirganj, Bhuighar, Narayanganj, Chashara, Kadomrasul, Bandar etc. Total area of zone-8 is about 185.00 sqm. Zone-8 contains almost all varieties of land uses of Detailed Area Plan (DAP) like residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, overlay, open space, water retention and mix of the above.

From this zonal office, people receive the services of land use clearance, plan approval for building construction, Occupancy Certificate and others services like plan renewal, occupancy certificate renewal etc.

Zone 8 has already taken many initiatives for creating awareness among the people of this area like miking, leaflet distribution. Regular eviction and mobile court are conducted against deviated, unauthorized building and also against illegal conversion of building. Very recently, zone-8 steps into a new era of providing online services of land use clearance and plan approval. There is a plan of shifting the zonal office to Khanpur at Rajuk’s own land and authority is working on it.