RAJUK: Development control activities

Sayed Noor Alam
Member (Development Control) RAJUK

After the approval of new organogram of RAJUK (Razdhani Unnayon Katripa-kkha), a separate development control wing has been set up under Member (Development Control), RAJUK. The area covers 1582 Sq. Km. It has been divided into 8 zones and 24 sub-zones to facilitate the planned development of RAJUK area as it designed by Detailed Area Plan (DAP) of RAJUk.

Development control wing consists of ten sections headed by a director They are as follows:
a. Director (Development Control-1),
b. Director (Development Control-2),
c. Director (Zone-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8).

Office of the Director (Development Control)- 1 and 2 are responsible for policy making and to co-ordinate with the other zonal offices. The zonal offices are responsible for implementation of plans and programs designed by RAJUK authority. Zonal Director is the head of zonal office according to the RAJUK organogram and monitors, controls and co-ordinates all the functions of development control sections in association with three Authorized officers of each zone.

Scope of work
1. Development Control wing of RAJUK is entrusted to regulate building construction activities, taking initiative for enactment of laws/rules and subsequent revision and amendment regarding building construction and development.
2. The wing is authorized to approve building construction plans as per instruction mentioned in the Greater Dhaka Building (construction, development, preservation and demolition) Rules, 2008
3. Demolition/Removal of unauthorized structure and deviated portion of structure by conducting mobile court and eviction activities.
4. Registration of development companies as per, Real, Estate Development and Management act, 2010 and subsequent Real Estate Development and Management Rules 2011.
5. To communicate and coordinate with other development agencies, like DNCC, SDSC, EASA, DPDC etc. and the different ministries and committees concerned with the development control functions of RAJUK
6. Any other task assigned by the government/RAJUK.

Legislative frameworks to operate Development Control activities
i. The Town Improvement Act, 1953 (Amended-1987),
ii. The Building Construction Act, 1952 Greater Dhaka Building (Construction, development, preservation and demolition) Rules, 2008,
iv. Real Estate Development and management Act, 2010,
v. Real Estate Development and management Act, 2011,
vi. Water Preservation Rules, 2000,
vii. Dhaka Metropolitan Develop-ment Plan (DMDP), 1995-2015,
viii. Private Housing Land Develo-pment Rules, 2004 (amended 2012, 2015),
ix. The Bangladesh National Building Code, 1995,
x. Dhaka Master Plan, 1995,
xi. Land Allotment Rules, 1996,
xii. Detailed Area Plan (DAP) 2010-2015,
xiii. Dhaka Structure Plan (2016-2035),
xiv. Any other government acts, rules and regulations concerned with RAJUK activities.