RAJUK: Extension of Madani avenue upto Vulta intersection

Engr. Md. Hossain
Executive Engineer (Civil)
Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha

Due to the rapid urbanization and growth of traffic volume the Dhaka mega city has fallen into serious trouble. To come out of this problem Government has completed a Project named “Extension of Madani Avenue towards East from ProgotiSarani Intersection to Balu River”. This project was implemented by RAJUK and completed on June/2015 costing Taka 42159.57 lac by GOB Fund.

In this project RAJUK constructed a 6.18 km road starting from ProgatiSaraniand ending at Balu river. Among this 6.18 km road,the first 1.5 Km road was constructed in full width (6 Lane) and the rest 4.68 km the road was constructed 02 lane. The major component of the project was Land acquisition, Land development, road construction, 04 no Bridge, Electrification etc.
After that RAJUK has taken initiatives to connect the Madani Avenue uptoVulta intersection Via Balu and Shitalakkhya river. For this RAJUK has prepared a Development Project Proposal (DPP) named”Widening of road from Madani Avenue to Balu River (Major Road 5) and Construction of road from Balu river to Shitalakkhya river (Major road 5A) 1st Phase. This project has been approved by ECNEC on 30/10/2018

For this Project RAJUK has done a Feasibility study by consulting firm. In this project RAJUK is planning to widening the existing road from two lane to six lane ( Madani avenue to Balu river) and construct a new Eight lane road from Balu river to Shitalakkhya river.The main component of this project will be Land acquisition, Land development, road construction, 02 no Bridge, 04 Underpass, one Uloop etc.The estimated cost of this project will be around 1260 Crores. The second DPP for road construction from Shitalakkhya river to the Vulta intersection will be formulated soon.

A partial view of Mdani Avenue