RAJUK: Focus on Uttara residential model town (3rd phase) project

Engr. Md. Abdul Awal
Project Director
Uttara Residential Model Town
(3rd Phase Project), RAJUK

Dhaka Metropolitan city has now been turned into the busiest & densely populated city. People reside permanently in Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh for service, business and other purposes. The dwelling places required for these large number of people is very inadequate. As a result, the residential areas of Dhaka city are turning into overcrowded & dirty day by day. It is possible to reduce the pressure of population of Dhaka to a great extent by developing the surrounding area of Dhaka city in a planned way and establishing permanent residence for these vast populations.

The total area of the project is 2008.08 acres. The area is low-lying and not suitable for agriculture. Dhaka city is growing fast towards the north, for planned urbanization, it is necessary to extend the city. With this end in view preparations have been made to establish the proposed satellite town. The projected population in the project is more than 6.00 lacs with a density of around 300 persons per acre. It is possible to reduce the pressure of population of Dhaka city to a great extent by developing surrounding area of Dhaka in a planned way and establishing permanent residential accommodation for the vast population.

  • Objective of the Project
    – To reduce the residential problem for the city dwellers by develop an area.
    – To maintain the balance of environment by proper urbanization & to solve future housing demand.
    -To expand civic facilities by urbanization of the area between Mirpur & Tongi gradually.
    – Development of new township and to expand transportation and economic facilities.

Location of the Project
“Uttara Residential Model Town (3rd Phase) Project” is situated at a distance about 20 km. from zero point of Dhaka City, Western side of Uttara Model Town (2nd Phase) Project, Northern side of Mirpur Cantonment and East side of Flood Protection Embankment through Mirpur-Ashulia.

A partial view of a bridge in Uttara Residential Model Town area.

  • Land Use Plan (Major component)
    – Residential Plots – 24.57%
    – High rise apartment block – 11.68%
    – Road Network – 30.92%
    – Physical & Social infrastructure – 3.04%
    – Lake, Open space & Park – 14.50% ”
    – Commercial Plots – 6.50%
    – CBD area – 0.920%
    – Utility Services – 2.75%
    – Education & Institution – 2.10%
    – Neighbourhood/Play field -3.02%

Present Position of the Project
Overall physical progress of the project is about 90% and financial progress is 77.68% (Tk.179946.73 lac only where is revise approved cost of the project Tk 231638.04 lac only). Up-to-date progress of main component of the project are described below:

A partial view of Uttara Residential Model Town (3rd Phase).

  •  Land development: Land development works of Sector-15, 16 & 18 already completed and works of sector-17 is in progress (which is almost completed).
  •  Road Construction: Road Construction works of sector-15, 16 (part) & 17 (part) already completed and remaining road (part of sector-17) construction work is in progress which will be complete within short time.
  •  Bridge Construction: 12 nos bridge construction work already completed & another bridge construction work is in progress which will be complete within short time.
  •  Lake/khal development: There are about 11 km of lake in the project lake/khal development already been completed. Remaining work will be complete within short time.
  • Utility services: Electricity & Water supply line Construction work is ongoing (70% completed) rest part of WASA & DESCO other services will be completed within project period.
  •  Plot handing Over: About 7000 nos residential plot (80%) already handover to the allottee. Some of them are constructing their building with approval of building plan.
  •  Appartment Construction: High rise Apartment construction of Block- ‘A'(6636 nos) already been completed. Another part is in under process
  • MRT Line-6 Construction: 65 acres land of the project already handover to the DMRTDP & their MRT line-6 construction work is ongoing with full swing.