RAJUK: Integrated development of Hatirjheel-Begunbari khal area

Md. Jamal Akhter Bhuiyan
Project Director
Hatirjheel Project, RAJUK

The low-lying areas form the eastern side of the Tongi-Diversion Road upto the Rampura Bridge on the progati Sarani popularly known as Hatirjheel and part of Begunbari canal and its adjoining lowlands behind the Sonargaon Hotel carries drainage and retaining storm water from a large area of Dhaka City. These low land was not earlier planned for proper improvement and development and thus remain unprotected, which resulted illegal encroachments by a variety of entities including private development thereby endangering the critical hydrological function of storm water retention of the adjoining developed areas.

In 2004, RAJUK engaged BUET to carry out a preliminary study to assess the development potentials of the Hatirjheel area, given the existing critical drainage conditions of the area. The BUET study revealed that any development through land filling of Hatirjheel area would be detrimental and seriously hamper the drainage function of the area. BUET’s preliminary study further suggested that the lowland of Hatirjheel area should be protected and the retention capacity should be enhanced in order to minimize the risks of flooding in the adjoin ft developed areas. The members of Civil society, Environmental activities and professionals also strongly voiced in favour of preserving this low lying area as a storm water retention basin and improve the environmental conditions of the water body addressing the issues of domestic and industrial water and beatify the area as a place for public recreation. All these was the basis of the project named as Integrated Development of Hatirjheel Begunbari Khal Area.

Amphi Theatre at Hatirjheel.

Objectives of the Project
a) Development of the low lying areas of Begunbari Khal and Hatirjheel as a strom water retention basin order to minimize ricks of floods in the adjoining areas.
b) mprovement of the overall environment of the entire area by addressing wastewater disposal issues.
c) Construction of peripheral road, cross-bridges and walkways along the bank of the Hatirjheel area in order to address the issue of traffic congestion of the surrounding areas and to protect the low lying areas from further encroachments.
Executing agency
i) Lead Agency: RAJUK
ii) Other implementation Agency: BUET (feasibility study & Top Supervision), LGED, DWASA & SWO-West

Total Project Area
I. According to original DPP: 244.7474 acre
II. 4th revised DPP: 311.79 acre

Project Cost
Original cost Tk. 147358.62 lac (on 08/10/2007)
1st Revision Tk. 148098.74 lac (on 28/12/2008)
2nd Revision Tk. 197130.485 lac (on 04/10/2011)
3rd Revision Tk. 223602.34 lac (on 13/11/2013)
4th Revision Tk. 223602.34 lac (on 25/08/2015)

Celebration Point at Hatirjheel.

Over all progress
The physical Progress of work is 99.54%. Up to September, 2018 financial progress is 99.00%. Cumulative expenditure is Tk. 222563.14 lac.
w Water Taxi service is fully running.
w Construction work of Amphitheatre, Food Kiosk, and Public toilet is done.
w Construction work of 10 storied management building is 60% complete.
w Construction of North U-Loop has been complete inaugurated Hon’able Pri-Minister on 28th July 2018 at Progati Sarani of Badda.