RAKUB: Functions of public relations cell

--Md. Abdullah Salah Uddin Gazi

Public relations work consists of a variety of activities by  individuals and organizations intended to promote a positive relationship or image among the customers, employees, investors, mass media, government, Bangladesh Bank, other stakeholders and the people as a whole.

RAKUB public relations cell (PRC) is playing a vital role under the direct controll and supervision of the board secretariat since the inception of the bank. Public relations professionals prepare replies to questions from reporters for interviews with the Chairman, the Managing Director and other high officials of RAKUB and write press releases to make the media aware of the bank events or achievements. It works with top executives of the bank to to focus on the activities as how the bank wants to serve and how it is going to project a positive image.

Abdullah Salah Uddin GaziMukul Kumar BardhanMostafizur Rahman

Representing the bank to the media is one of the well-known functions of public relations cell. Media management is a core function of public relations cell. Media management includes developing and distributing both written and video news releases, development stories to journalists and responding to the queries of reporters.  Protecting the bank from any threat to its reputation is another function of public relations. Preparing documents, written and electronic, is another function of this department.

Apart from the daily routine work, the public relations cell submits  the paper cutting file to the top management of the bank, accumulating the various important news items published in the daily newspapers. Public relations cell also assists the board for related works and gives protocol to the Directors of the Board.

RAKUB Barta, an exclusive spokesman of the bank, is quarterly published from this department, covering the overall activities of the bank, like news of conference, meeting, seminar, training programme and other important messages of the bank management, etc. Public Relations Officer works in editing of the publication.