Raowa making new facilities

The Retired Armed Forces Officers’ Welfare Association, widely known in its abbreviated name RAOWA, is a fully voluntary, non-profitable organization committed to the welfare of the retired armed forces’ officers. The organization leaves behind a long history to come to its today’s position. Beginning in the mid sixties, it finally came into being on the 17th of July 1984 as an institution for the retired officers of three services- Army, Navy and Air Force.

Among many of RAOWA’s aims and objectives, the principal ones are to organize and form a common platform of retired armed forces’ officers and foster the spirit of cooperation, unity and brotherhood among themselves to enable them to make positive contribution individually and collectively for proper rehabilitation of each and every member of the association in their retired lives.

As there remains no alternative to amusement in enlivening one’s heart and mind, RAOWA has also established a club, which is today a very well-known club in the country. Perhaps, there remains no elite who has not heard the name of RAOWA Club. The club provides sufficient scope and facilities for amusement and recreation for each and every member of RAOWA. Besides this, RAOWA is also contributing to the social and humanitarian causes by implementing different social activities and programmes.

We all know that any success cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time, trial, experiment, tolerance and fund. RAOWA has created a history of its own. It has come to its today’s position of success through passing over many obstacles and phases. By continuous efforts, it has now turned itself as a model institution not only for making welfare of the retired armed forces’ officers but also for inspiring others towards the welfare of the society. Today, other than RAOWA’s principal activities, it celebrates all of our national days and festivals with due fervour and also holds seminars on the-different important aspects of national and social interests round the year.

We also know that the role and contribution of our armed forces in our liberation war and even in time of natural disaster or national crisis are highly laudable. Inevitably, these highly trained, efficient, organized and disciplined forces can come to the potential use of the nation at any time at any emergency in their retired lives also. So, RAOWA, as their second home, can be an effective institution to keep them all always inspired, lively, organized and active to contribute to the nation more effectively. We hope they would do it.


Keeping all these in mind, while bringing out this special issue, The Guardian invited a good number of members of RAOWA to give their valuable opinions, interviews and articles about the role and activities of RAOWA. Every one took it with pleasure and appreciated the initiative of The Guardian very much, terming it as the noble initiative of its kind taken by this national magazine to highlight the role and contribution of RAOWA. But, due to time-limit as well as their preoccupation, many could not give their opinions, interviews and articles. We, however, express our sorrows for any incon-venience from our side.

The valuable opinions, interviews and articles, whatever we have received by this time, have been published in this issue. All these opinions, interviews and articles focus not only on the history, role, contribution, various problems and limitations of RAOWA but also focus on the latest scenario of the construction of RAOWA Complex- the dream project of RAOWA and the new facilities going to be created for RAOWA. We hope that the present executive committee of RAOWA by rapidly implementing the dream project would make RAOWA reach its desired goal soon and fulfil the expectation of all concerned with RAOWA.