RDA: Financing of the authority

Since its inception in 1976 the Rajshahi Development Authority (RDA) is suffering from financial problems.  In the year 1976, the organization is run throw a government grant of taka 05.00 lac to meet its non-development expenditure. Now, this amount has enhanced to taka 28.00 lac in the present fiscal year. The amount is not adequate and sufficient (as by this time salary, allowances and other benefits etc. have been increased) to meet the non-development expenditure. The government may consider the enhancement of non-development expenditure to suit the requirement of this authority. In the year 2011-12 the income of this authority is taka 610.06 lac and the expenditure is taka 269.43 lac.

Regarding development budget, it has been reported that the scheme wise allocation is always scantly. Allocation of the ADP fund to this Authority should be made commensurate with the approved development schemes. Last year (up to March 2013) the authority has received taka 1488.75 lac as government development grant. Since inception the authority has received taka 8362.00 lac as government grant. The authority has completed 13 schemes by this amount. The authority needs sufficient government grant for the rapid development of Rajshahi master plan area.