Rivers are like our mothers

This world of ours has run a long path, maintaining balanced co-existence among human, nature and environment. Days and might have passed away and the needs and demands of human have increased accordingly. Towns and cities have been built up with the advancement of culture and development of civilization. Social value and attitude of man and women have been changed. Illusion for luxurious life has been raised to a great extent.

Now, I want, I demand, I deserve to have more and more at any cost. Bit by bit it has been increasing day by day to utilize the functioning of the nature. But there is limitation of everything, which mankind forgets its realization easily.

The nature also has got its own life and so the ultimate consequence comes in effect.

In order to meet up the healthy living, they destroy nature and start building up factories, towns and cities. Human emits tons of carbon gas in the air everyday. Ozone layer of the earth goes to the verge of destruction and human life is at a risk now.

With a view to keeping the earth fresh and livable and to lead our life and allow us to have the taste of life the river flows on and on from the time immemorial. But human has made barricade against the flow of rivers filling up howars, canals and water ways etc. By virtue of modern technology, they have begun to build workplace, houses, five-star hotels, eye drizzled complex and what not. They are doing so without any plan. As a result there is no sign of a mutual bondage and touch of real love and affection. Man has torn his relationship with nature.

There begins to increase universal temperature and global change of weather following storm, cyclone tsunami, earthquake such and such other danger of natural disasters. Human civilization moves towards challenge and is counting the moment to a stop. Man himself has brought about his own danger and drawbacks by increasing their unruly work programs and process.

Under the circumstances, in order to rescue the Nature and human being from the consequences of these activities and failure,  all of us have to take a bold step so that traditional identity and original ideality of our, there is no alternative in this respect.

For this reason all round consciousness is solely necessary and for which social movement is a must today. Political decision can also help to move the up liftmen.

It’s a matter of ushering that BIWTA has come forward with broader work programs in hand for the increment of public consciousness to eradicate man-made difficulties and problems.

People on the bank of the rivers and canals who use these water ways for their daily necessaries should have to be committed and duly connected with these developmental programs.

We must not forget that on the basis of reverie wealth, our civilization and culture have been built up. River, it is only the reviver which is the root of our rich life, simply through the non-stop flow of rivers and canals, However, this river land can remain lively as like as a man can be alive with the flowing of blood through the nerves and veins into the body. It, the flow of blood in the body, is hindered or the system comes to a stop somehow the existence of life will fall in deadly danger.

Once upon a time, we used to drink the water of the river regularly and felt the taste as like as the taste of mother breast.

So, the rivers are like our mothers, we have to regard the rivers as we usually honour our mothers. We should behave with the rivers as we are habituated to do with our mothers. It should be remembered, the nation that ignores and dishonors its mother-like country must go astray.

These motherly rivers are the origin of our civilization and culture of thousands of year.

Centering the sweet sound of the flow of river our literature and culture has been enriched. Numerous poets and artistes irrespective of man and woman have born and have been created like our memorable music emperor Abbas Uddin, poet of the Nature Jasim Uddin, music queen Ferdosi Rahman and others.

On the other hand, we are missing those memorials pleasurable and at the same then painful songs of by-gone days on the bank of rivers. Backgrounds of poems resembling the bluish flashed waves are not heard from the bank of the Modhumoti, Dhanshiri whereby the river talks in the voice of women.

The sweet music tone of Farida Parvien is going to be lost day by day.

Yet, this turmoil in musical as well as in our cultural horizon may be lessened under the care and direct intimateness of BIWTA. The well known face of Ruposi Bangla can come to height face. The gentle blue open sky will cast its glow over the greenish sights and scenario of the land Bangla. And again some one will come to the sight by singing- “This Padma, this Jumna…….”