Sanwar Ali: An engineering profile

Mohammad Sanwar Ali is an engineer by education and profession. He is a senior government officer.  His father was also a government officer, who was Deputy Superintendent of Pakistan Customs & Central Excise and later on Customs Excise & VAT Department. His father retired in 1979 and died in 1992. His mother is a housewife and residing with him.

Sanwar’s grandfather was a businessman and died 15 years before his birth. His grand mother was a housewife and died in 1984.

Sanwar’s father had four brothers. His father was the eldest one. Some of his uncles were businessmen and engineers, working at home and abroad. His youngest uncle who was in Qatar died while on service in 2002. His another uncle was an Income Tax Lawyer at Rangpur and died in 2005 during practicing. His two uncles died long before.

Sanwar’s maternal grand father was a famous businessman of Rajshahi. He ran the business of Eastern Watch Company. The company is a legendary of business in Rajshahi. After grand father, his maternal uncles carried on that business and afterwards his maternal uncles, their sons, his cousins have been on the profession to hold that very traditional business.

Sanwar has two brothers and three sisters. His elder sister had been on the service of a Trainer in Khulna Newsprint Mills Ltd. Now she is living a retied life. The next sister was an Assistant General Manager of Pubali Bank Ltd and now she has been living a retired life. His youngest sister is an American immigrant. His elder brother was a Doctor of Bangladesh Army in the rank of Brigadier General, now upon retirement he is discharging responsibility in the capacity of Director General of Chittagong Bangbandhu Medical College & Hospital.

At present, Sanwar is a Joint Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh and he has been carrying on service in National Housing Authority as Member (Engineering & Co-ordination) of the organization. The Sanwar couple has been blessed with one son and one daughter. His daughter is doing Master’s upon completing her honours degree in Pharmacy and his son has got himself admitted into HSC after passing SSC. His wife is a housewife.

Many a portion of Sanwar’s teenaged period has been passed in Khulna. Since his father was a government officer, they had to live with him wherever in he was posted time to time. So Sanwar had to continue his schooling at different places. He started his primary education at Hanney Railway School, Khulna and attended there from class I to III. Due to transfer of his father from Khulna, he resumed his study from class III to V at Benapole Primary School, Jessore.

Afterwards he entered into BenapoleHigh School and studied there from VI to VII. Then his father came back in Khulna on transfer again. So, he passed his SSC from Khulna Zilla School and got admitted into Khulna BL College and passed HSC. Later on, he obtained the degree of Civil Engineering from Khulna Engineering College, which is at present named as Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET).

Though he is not claiming that he was a talented student but the truth is that he always had been in the 1st and 2nd positions in the historically famous institutions of Khulna and Jessore Education Board. He believes it that perseverance will bring success. He feels that presently time has changed a bit, for which there has grown a limitation for physical and mental development of boys and girls due to the lack of proper guidance and inspiration by the society. Today, parents are likely to keep their children inside the house in the city of Dhaka. For instance his son feels hesitated in going-out as because he finds no facilities for play and to carry on cultural activities, in absence of having no play ground and good environment around the residential area.

In this context, he mentioned that a big period of the children now-a-days pass away to play with internet. Of course, working on internet has got both the sides of good and bad. Because of the fact moving through the computer internet, there have been many a good subjects to learn. So, he advises them not to misuse this practice over computer. They have the chance to getting various information and topics on education, especially of scientific technology the opportunity which they did not avail of their time.

This is also to be noted that there is no so chance for recreation according to their needs, those boys and girls become the poor prey to pass their time outside by mixing with near by play mates and year mates  on lot of light amusements- that are too very necessary in life.

Thereby upon thanking all, usually the guardians should keep an eye to watch their whereabouts. Now, he would like to say that the students must be attending to their studies. The parents at present are busy to help them continue and seriously engage round the clock in studies of their children. But only the parents’ guidance can not be effective if the children are not seriously active themselves in their regular duties.

Sanwar feels that in order to obtain good result it needs not so much academic studies if they carry on usual duties in time. In earlier days of theirs, teachers would say that students do not work punctually throughout the year, only when the exam comes students want to finish all at a time which is never possible. The main business of students is to go through studies at home daily in due time and to attend their schooling.

When Sanwar completed his intermediate, his parents and other members of his family lived at their ancestral home in Khulna. As his elder brother at that time was reading in Rajshahi Medical College and he had to get admission in Khulna Engineering College. In Khulna at that period there was neither any university for higher education nor a medical college except engineering college which has been upgraded to KUET, In spite of getting the chance at any other institutions outside Khulna he stayed in Khulna and had his father’s accompany and his great affection.

However, he studied civil engineering then after he took service at Bakhrabad Gas Systems Ltd. under Petrobangla. After completion of BCS’82 regular, he joined as Assistant Engineer in PWD as a member of BCS Public Works Cadre and served there for 15 years. Afterwards, he qualified as Deputy Secretary. As a Deputy Secretary he worked as Member (Engineering) in Chittagong WASA, in the Ministry of Social Welfare and Ministry of Food & Disaster Management. And after getting promotion as Joint Secretary in February 2009, he worked in Bangladesh Bridge Authority as Director till March 2012, before his joining in National Housing Authority.

He mentioned all these, for the reasons that how he gained experiences a lot from various institutions in different capacities as an engineer and also as an administrator. But he has not got the chance to apply a major part of his academic knowledge of civil engineering since he has not found the service in the division of design. Yet on the basis of his engineering education he has been performing all the service successfully.

During the tenure of his service at Kushtia Islamic University, 8 fine Building have been built up, all of which have been inaugurated by the then President of Bangladesh and he received a letter of appreciation by the Chief Engineer of PWD. Later on, he has done a great service of social welfare under PWD in Sylhet. He believes to achieve any success in life institutional knowledge and experiences are a must.

He believes that to be successful in working arena Engineers should kept them update with recent research and development works in related sector. He emphasizes that believing and acting according to the saying “What you can do today don’t keep it for tomorrow” is very important to be successful in every sphere of life.