SBL: The pioneer bank of Bangladesh

--By Md Mofazzal Hossain

4. Mufazzel

After British rule of long two hundred years Pakistan and India emerged on August 14 in 1947. Bangladesh was under Pakistan in the name of East Pakistan. Bangladesh is surrounded by India, Myanmar and Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh is a land of 55,598 sq kilometers.

Bangladesh has a long traditional history. Huge rich cloths were exported from this country during first and second Christian decades. Business expands in the ancient Bengal during the period. The communications cost was less expensive as there was many rivers, canals in the country.

The people of the country are dedicated. Many stories of their dedication are bright in the page of history till today. Fakir and Neel revolutions under Majnu Shah, armed protest by Syed Nesar Ali Titumir, Foraijee movement are among the stories.

The role of Dudu Mia, Raja Rammohon Roy, Pundit Ishwarchandra Bidhyasagar, Haji Md Mohsin, Nawab Abdul Latif and Syed Amir Ali in social reform are remarkable.

Bangladeshis were suppressed by Pakistan rules for long 23 years. It has a blood-strained history for that period. Language Movement in 1952, election of 1954, mass upsurge of 1969 and the general election of 1969 are the milestone of the history of Bangladesh.

Political, military and economic disparities was acute during the period of 1947 to 16 December 1971. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman shown the path of relieve from the disparities. His dream was an independence of Bangladesh and economic self-dependence. He did politics for the development of the lower class people of the country. Brave Bangalees earned independence as per his direction. Bangladesh emerged as an independent country after a nine-month bloody war on December 16, 1971.

There were 1160 branches of various banks including 10 of Pakistan, two of Bangladesh and three foreign banks in Bangladesh in 1971. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman established six banks after nationalization of private banks in 1971. The names of the banks were also given by him. Sonali Bank Limited was formed comprising The National

Bank of Pakistan, The Bank of Bahwalpur Ltd and The Premier Bank Ltd. Sonali Bank Limited is also the largest nationalized commercial bank of the country. Villages are the foundation of Bangladesh. It is not possible to think Bangladesh denying the villages. Villages also heart of the country. It is not possible to develop the country economically without the rural economy

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman established six banks after nationalization keeping this in mind. The monogram of the Sonali Bank is the brainchild of Bangabandhu. The rural scenery are found in the monogram. Monogram is not a symbol. Various artistic functions of banking sector displayed in it. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the dreamer of welfare-oriented banking during the post-independent Bangladesh.

The colour of the monogram is golden. There is nucleus in its inside. All the things of the universe are formed by nucleus. There are four stars around the nucleus. These indicate the principles of state policy. Nucleus and stars are surrounded by a gear. The function of the gear is coordination between one another. The steering of the economic wheel is gear. The principle of the gear is that it always moves in forward and not back.

Secularism, nationalism, democracy and socialist are the four principles include in the constitution of the country in 1972. The monogram of Sonali Bank has been invented from the family tradition of Bangabandhu, his dream, farmers, fishermen, potters that is the lifestyle of rural people. So, Sonali Bank has established herself as the pioneer bank of Bangladesh.