Scope and opportunity of chartered accountancy profession

--Rojina Akhter ACA

Chartered Accountancy profession is one of the most challenging professions and is the most lucrative and remunerative job, not only in Bangladesh but, over the world. Chartered Accountancy (CA) has emerged as a unique profession of paramount importance. Anybody will find Chartered Accountancy as a satisfying and rewarding profession. Apart from exciting opportunities and attractive pay-packages, Chartered Accountancy qualification is recognized internationally, and its reputation and value are maintained through high standards of assessment and regulation.

It is the professional qualification of choice for businesses worldwide. Females are also playing a vital role as Chartered Accountants in Bangladesh and taking leading role gradually to become co-partner of the profession. Female students are increasing tremendously and are becoming matured adequately.

This profession prepares a person, competent in every sector of profession, one can become a highly skilled person with professional knowledge, build up managerial capacity and learn about public dealings. Everyone in this profession have to take three to three and half years long term practical training. During this course time he/she get opportunity to visit different types of organizations and industries and gather vast knowledge regarding business, management, various controlling policy procedure etc.

This practical experience and professional knowledge help to hold high managerial position in any organization. Since there have an opportunity to work closely with the top management of different organizations during article ship period and one can show credentials to the appointing authorities which makes job market wider. Chartered Accountants work in all fields of business and finance, including audit, taxation, financial and general management. They also can contribute in various law formations and contribute their views and experience in the National Budget.

Who has a dream to hold high and honorable position in a organization can come to this profession where he can demonstrate his skills and abilities and aim for simultaneous achievement of corporate and personal goals in a rewarding organization offering career growth and professional development.