Shah Rukh Khan snubbed by journalists

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is noted for being extra courteous and friendly with the media, was snubbed by press in Chennai on Friday where he was promoting his upcoming film ‘Happy New Year‘. According to reports, journalists present at the ‘Happy New Year‘ press meet walked out because the event that was supposed to start at 4 pm actually started at 8 in the evening.The press meet got deferred due to the film’s team members giving away one on one interviews to various TV channels, while the other journalists kept waiting. The press raised their voice against such unprofessional behaviour by ‘Happy New Year’ team and decided to walk out. The event was a fashion show of city-based showroom that was clubbed with SRK‘s upcoming release of ‘Happy New Year’. Apparently Shah Rukh Khan apologised to the media and asked them to stay back, promising to give exclusive interviews to each and every media, but the press still walked out, giving a cold shoulder to the Bollywood star. Later it was said that it all happened due to miscommunication between two public relations’ managers. However, this was not for the first time that media decided to raise their voice against unprofessional behaviour of Bollywood stars. Superstar Salman Khan also had an altercation with the paparazzi at the launch of a special song ‘Devil’ from ‘Kick’. Photographers decided to put a ban on taking Salman’s pictures and the ban continues till today. Bouncers at the venue apparently misbehaved with some of the photographers, as the commotion went out of control, Salman Khan intervened and then announced that if anyone wanted to leave the venue was free to do so. He said, “Those who want to stay may stay, whoever wants to leave, is free to go. What’s the big deal about it.” ‘Haider’ actress Shraddha Kapoor was also boycotted by the paps. At a success bash for ‘Ek Villain’, the paparazzi present at the event decided to boycott Shraddha and refused to click her pictures due to her bad behavior with the press in the past. All through the promotions for the film, Shraddha did not oblige to posing for the photographers and at times was even covered by her manager, just so that the paps would be unable to snap a picture of the actress.