Shahbag spring: Actions and reactions

Shahbag Spring 2013, in the early hours of seasonal spring in Bangladesh stood strong across the country. For those lots of momentous moments when and wherein honorable ministers, Parliament members, the Bureaucrats, the common men and women and the sector commodore of freedom fighters joined in clockwise punctuality to create rather an unprecedented event in our national history.

The credit for these uncountable ushering clicks of the clock knocks at the door of entire Shahbag. These eventual moments would not move to happen without this Spring. If we scale up a map over the terrain of mass movements in Bangladesh from 1952 to 1971, to 1990-2013, we can see roughly in every twenty years this nation has experienced spontaneous storms of February and March, covering that “one season” namely the “Spring’.

The Arab spring has overthrown four Dictators and sparked civil up-risings in 14 other countries. The occupy spring movement that started in New York City Zuccotid Park spread out in as many as 751 cities in 82 countries.

In our country the Shahbag Spring gives us force of hopes, the force that might help blossom flowers of our desired gaining like that of blooming flower in the spring. In this spring the youths, the adults gathered in “Badshah’s Began” at Shahbag to vent their frustrations and more than this the downfall in national morale of some so called Bangalis. The Shahbag Showdown more or less has been reflecting the sprit of 1971.

I, the writer of the present Article was present at Shahbag on February, the 14th (2013). Men and women here and there every where all around where to, I looked at. Before this Spring day I have never faced so many people here at Shahbag in any other day. To recollect the past, I got myself admitted into Dhaka University in 1974. Since then, I have been permanently settled in Dhaka, especially in the campus of the University of Dhaka, the Oxford of the East.

East, West what so ever, I wandered wherever not in this city for this 40 years (the time of writing the Article) of my poor life. Once I had a mind to settle in USA. Would I had been there in the States, could I see these men and women, girls and boys beyond count, all in a body in this gayful gathering at Shahbag of my country. I see, they are all my own men in my own land of Bangladesh. Some of them are sitting, some are walking in the style of dancing encircling the “Shahbag Moncho”. Momentarily I thought of lying down on the ground, the ground of my mother land.

Now amidst this huge gathering of Banglais, at least 80%, many of whom taking with them their little children even in this rare event, haven’t happened to witness the Freedom fight of our liberation struggle. These assembling people on the lawn of Shahbag have not seen the most sorrowful scene of killing the sons in front of fathers and mother. The men and women sitting on and moving around this dear Dais, have not seen the woeful scene when a husband has been taken out for killing or missing (forever) from the closing arms of his dear wife. The people, the Shahbag dancing guys have not seen the obscure scenery of adultrating and unbearable abuse and humiliation of the wife from the foot – distance of husband. They haven’t seen the scene of adultration of daughters in the eye sight of parents.

Presently this Shahbag walkers and watchers have not looked at the most sorrowful sight of the moments of adultration of mothers and sisters in the close sight of sons and brothers.

They do not know how the intelligentious of poor Bangladesh who were rich and resourceful in thoughts and knowledge had been kidnapped and not to be traced out uptil to day, moreover at that moment some one have been killed down on the spot.

The spotlight of Shahbag Spring can not have come to light of the day when all through days and nights hundreds of thousands of our woman-folk ranging from the age group of thirteen to sixty, have been tortured and faced without flinching and truing back all manner of privation in the concentration cmps of Pakistan Armies. Alas an astonishing to recall, above all, all these henious crimes committed by the Pakistani Janta having heavily equipped with ammunitions and modern weapons, also had been helped by a group of ultramodern (!) Bangalis ignoring all civilized culture.

Concurrently vis-a-vis all downs and damages the new generation form Shahbag Mall have not seen the young Bangalis’ shouting slogan of “joy Banglia before killing gun down to death by the automatic machine guns of occupation Army. They have not also seen the darkest “71” which in, the brave Banglai young boy with an open pin from the grenade in hand, graviously standing behind the branches and leaves of trees waiting for the military convoy (coming from Pakistan), to finish it up by throwing grenade pins.

People of this Shahbag Spring have been knowing now about the happenings of 1971 in facts and figures from their elders, from fathers and fore fathers and more about from Books, from print and electronic media and through the high media by switching the button of that “magic Box” the computer in this cosmic world of sky culture.

These culture proven people at their own initiative have turned up at Shahbag and talked to each other and have felt the feelings, the needs, demands and troubles of the national heroes who fought for freedom. These people enjoying full freedom now are shouting joyful and at the same time mournful slogans in the way of conveying gratitude and greetings to those great heroes along with letting the world people know their grievances in memory of the matures and sufferers of the liberation struggle the struggle that has given us the complete independence from the colonial rule of Pakistan.

People here in and around, besides joyous mood are demanding true judgment of all those who collaborated with Pakistani war devils that the “worst ones” the Albadar, Alshams, the Rajakars, the real enemies against democracy and our long desired development. Days and month long non stop efforts of this Shahbag generation while help them begin the culture of mass awakening from the Shahbag mass assembling, helped me too, to think of the matter with much enthusiasm. Members of this modern young generation are not only modern people, they are also educated pupil in the academic arena. They encourage and enhance the marching for gaining and enjoying the fruitful effect of freedom. They love so much this secular, socialist culture of Bangladeshi nationalism, though almost all of whom have not seen Bangabandhu SK. Mujibur Rahman, father of the nation and haven’t heard him voicing face to face in “that very vibrating March” Bangabandhu’s personal and political philosophy was made up with the principles of Humanism, Nationalism, Socialism and Religious inclusive, in return of which he enjoyed people’s unconditional love and confidence.

Thanks to the organizers, of this large arrangement of amusement and of peaceful cultural and co-political protest, who have shown the world what we can do. Can there be any one to stand opposing this lawful mighty Shahbag movement moved by the Leaders and members from two generations, young and old.