Sonargaon Economic Zone: State of development and facilites for investors

Mohd. Noor Ali Managing Director Unique Group

Mohd. Noor Ali
Managing Director
Unique Group

Unique Group(UG) started its journey in early 80’s. One of the country’s biggest business conglomerates, this Groupis engaged in Hotel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Manpower Development & Export, Ceramics Industry, Share Management, Agro Business, Education, Tours and Travels, Property and Facility Management, Telecommunication, Bank , Media & Newspaper. The Group’s mission is to foster economic growth using diverse investment opportunities while promoting production for domestic and international markets, import and export opportunities, trade, and tourism. The Sonargaon Economic Zone, a company of UG, aims to generate more employment as well as boost economic activity by attracting both foreign and domestic investment.


Unique Group is working unremittingly to develop “Sonargaon Economic Zone” on the bank of the river Meghna in Narayangonj district. The zone will be set up initially on 450 acres of land (1, 96, 02,000 sft / 18, 21,087 sq. mtr).


The site is in Sonargaon Upazila under Narayangonj district and only about 37 km away from Dhaka airport. The site has a riverbank of 1.4 km.

Key Statistics

Just 27 km away from zero point, the project is on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway at one end and the Meghna River on the other end. The zone authorities have plans to set up jetties on the riverbankin future to handle bulkcargos, containers, gas,& oiland to connect the site with all major seaportsin Bangladesh. With this rare advantage ofriver and road connectivity, investors will have the facility to bring their capital machineries, raw materials directly to the site as well as transshipment of finished products to various locations both inside and outside of the country.


The zone is adjacent to other private economic zones and industrial areas in Narayangonj, Munshigonj, Meghna, Narshandi, etc. that will help the investors to reap the benefit from other supporting industries, if any of these are not located within the same economic zone.


World Class Infrastructure

w            Industrial plot for long term or short-term lease.

w            Captive power plant and water supply, CETP.

w            Multi-modal logistics.

w            Commercial facility service.

w            Housing for employees.

Suitable Industry

Textile & Garment, food processing, power plant, automobile, petrochemical, plastic and other consumer goods, high tech, electric & electronics, precision machinery parts industry, LPG plant and similar heavy industries. Abroad range of light,medium, and heavy industries is proposed for the site.


There will be a number of utilities and amenities in the site including golf course, amusement park, river cruising, all-institutional facilities such as schools, college, ICT related activities, science and technology activities, hospital, police station, fire stations, etc.

The vision of Unique Group is to develop the site as green zone and make it environment friendly. The lovely landscape and services offered by SEZ will make the site attractive to many, let alone the investors.


100 % land owned by Unique Group.

Multi-purpose and eco-friendly, to use carbon credit scheme.

The Group’s motto is to attract new firms and new types of businesses and industry to Bangladesh, follow a market driven approach to make the Sonargaon Economic Zone to be a commercially successful project and move forward. Unique Group is committed to providing a wide range of economic zone facilities that will attract and accommodate existing and future target markets in a cost effective manner.

Noor Ali