Success of Ansar-VDP in games and sports

--A K M Mizanur Rahman and Dr. Forqan Uddln Ahmed

4.5. Forlam

Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party (VDP) is the largest disciplined force in our country. This force has coverage up to the gross level of our country. With a view to ensuring rural, economic and social development in the post-Liberation war period, Village Defence Party (VDP) was established in 1976. Then, Ansar force was renamed as Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party and it is known in short  as Ansar-VDP. In February 1995, this organization got the approval of the then president as a disciplined force. Since its establishment, a large of number of male and female members of this organization has been trying their best to build a self-dependant country and to maintain the law and order situation of the country.

This is why; it has been able to receive praise from all, including  government and non-government levels side by side, in the field of games and sports, it has displayed its extraordinary skill and thus its status in the national level has been made more digmified in the field of sports and games.

There is not the end, their success has even crossed our national border and extended even to international level.

Like other forces, practice of games and sports of Ansar-VDP was started since 1982 upon the inspiration of Major General (Rtd) Wazihiullah, the then Director General of Ansar-VDP.

Since this day, after launching new and new teams day after day and then participating in various competitions, Ansar-VDP games and sports teams have strengthened their position in the field of games and sports and because of their various successes, they are now very much popular today to our country and abroad.

Our country and nation has witnessed the success of Ansar-VDP in the field of games and sports. Almost in  each field of games and sports, the practice and contribution of the competitors of the force has drawn the attention of the sport lovers in the society. In 1985, through the tour in Nepal, Women Handball Team of Ansar-VDP started its journey in the field of games and sports outside the country.


Many competitors of this force have brought for  us much prestige by  representing our country and by participating in various international, national, regional, SAF games, invitation games and tournaments organized in different countries in different times.

Therefore, it needs no saying that in the field of games and sports, this national flag bearing force has been able to bring success in national and international levels. Officials, coach and competitors of this force have the scope to participate in training and seminars various games and sports, competitions, tournament and courtesy tours at home and abroad.


The journey of Ansar-VDP games and sports team started in 1982. As this force has a strong organizing structures spread to the remotest area in our country, this team was made with competitors collected from different villages and areas, especially with the students studying in different schools and colleges and sometimes with girls students who had dropped out from school due to poverty but cooperative minded.

After collecting those girls, they were provided with trainings and through regular hard practice day after day, their confidence is built up. Thus a strong team of Ansar-VDP was made. From the beginning, this team has been able to build a strong respectful position in the field of national games and sports level. Afterwards, by displaying their skill and ability day after day, competitors of the team have enlightened themselves as game and sport persons in the country and thus they has brightened our country.

This team started with Boxing has now twenty seven teams. Such as: Handball, Shooting, Judo, Karate, Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Taekwondo, Body Building, Cycling, Wrestling, Swimming, Golf, Football, Boat Race, Athletic, Archery, Ha-Du-Du, Cricket, Ark Racing, Fencing and Usu team were included. After participating in most of the sport events, the competitors of Ansar-VDP have brought much prestige for us from national and international levels. Thus, they have presented us a flock of sport stars and created much possibility of reaching the heights in the field of games and sports in the days to come. In this respect, the role of women competitors is mentionable. It is they who have participated in most of the sport events and enlightened our field of games and sports. Thus, they have opened our door of possibility.

Brief history of success of Ansar-VDP in national and international levels


A three-member boxing team enlisted its name in game and sport in their maiden venture after participating in ‘The 7th National Boxing Championshi’ arranged in 1982. That year they achieved two bronze medals. After taking part for the first time in Inter Club Shooting Championship in 1982, Ansar VDP Shooting Team came out as runner up and thus they entered into shooting world.

Beside boxing team, training with a view to forming Women Handball Team was launched with the VDP girl trainees coming from different villages. After providing training to the ordinary girls coming from villages, a much tactful women handball team was formed. In ‘The 2nd National Handball Championship’ arranged in 1984 Bangladesh Ansar Red team came out champion while Bangladesh Ansar Green team became the runners-up. Since then, Bangladesh Ansar VDP team has been earning success in the field of games and sports at national and international levels.

In the maiden venture into Bangladesh Games in 1988, Bangladesh Ansar VDP team won twenty one Gold medals, twenty Silver medals and seventeen Bronze medals and stood the third position in the list.

First time champion in Bangladesh Games

In 1992 in the 5th Bangladesh Games, Ansar-VDP team came out champion, getting 50 Gold medals, 49 Silver medals and 36 Bronze medals in total 135 medals. Among them, men got 25 Gold medals, 24 Silver medals and 33 Bronze medals while women got 25 Gold medals, 26 Silver medals and 02 Bronze medals.

Second time champion in Bangladesh Games

In 1996 in the 6th Bangladesh Games, Ansar-VDP team came out champion, getting 70 Gold medals, 44 Silver medals and 34 Bronze medals in total 148 medals. Among them, men got 37 Gold medals, 16 Silver medals and 21 Bronze medals while women got 33 Gold medals, 28 Silver medals and 13 Bronze medals.

Third time champion in Bangladesh Games

In 2002 in the 7th Bangladesh Games, Ansar-VDP team came out champion, getting 65 Gold medals, 61 Silver medals and 64 Bronze medals in total 190 medals. Among them, men got 32 Gold medals, 28 Silver medals and 38 Bronze medals while women got 33 Gold medals, 33 Silver medals and 26 Bronze medals.

Independence Award


As per recognition of its mentionable success in the field of games and sports in 2004 and being champion continuously three times Ansar VDP was awarded Independence Award Medal by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Besides these, it was given recognition as the best sport organizer by Sport Writer Somity in 2008. In recognition of the contribution to the field of sport and culture, recently Bangladesh Ansar VDP was awarded medals by Osan Group. This award was given by Barrister Rofiqul Haque, a nationally acknowledged lawyer. This programme was telecast in different print and electronic media.

Participation of  Ansar VDP competitors in international sport events

Bangladesh Ansar VDP competitors participate in international sport events every year and they have won many medals. Some of the mentionable ones are:

w         3 Silver medals, 12 Bronze medals in 10th SAF games arranged in Colombo in 2006.

w         Fahima Akter Moyna won Bronze medal in the 3rd Weight Lifting Championship arranged at Pone in India in 2008. In the Inter Asia Weight Lifting Championship arranged in Korea, Fahima Akter Moyna and Hasanuzzaman won Silver medals in their respective weight lifting.

w         In 4th Asain Archery Championship arranged in Culcatta in India in 2009, archer Mohammed Sazzad won Gold medal which was first Asian Gold medal.

w         In the 16th Asian Archery Championship arranged in Indonesia in 2009, archer Amdadul Haque Milon won 1 Gold medal and he also qualified in the Youth Olympic Games.

w         Among the 96 medals including 18 Gold medals won by Bangladesh in the South Asian Games (SAF) arranged in Dhaka in 2010, Ansar-VDP competitors got 11 gold medals of which 7 individually and the rest i.e. 4 in group. Beside 6 Silver medals (individual and team) and 23 Bronze medals (individual and team). Total 40 medals. Thus, they have predicted their flag-bearing position and a advanced sign of their future success in the field of games and sports.

w         Shirin Sultana won 1 Gold medal in the Indo-Bangla Wrestling Championship arranged in Culcatta in 2010.

w         In the month of April I 2012, Ansar Fencing Team won 4 Bronze medals in a competition in Hadarabad in India.

w In April 2012, the team won 4 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals in Weight Lifting     Championship arranged in Nepal.

w         In May 2012, the competitors of wrestling took part in the 1st Horirum International Wrestling Championship arranged in New Delhi.

w        In June 2012, Ansar team took part in the Women Beach Kabadi Championship arranged in China.

w         In July 2012, one archer and one shooter from Ansar took part in London Olympic.

Taking Part in 8th Bangladesh Games

Taking part in national games and sports level in different sport events, Bangladesh Ansar VDP sport team has earned huge success. From the beginning of the competitions, the team have shown their supremacy in the field and thus they have reached the heights of success. In Bangladesh Games, arranged by Bangladesh Olympic Association, this team after being champion three times consecutively has earned pride of becoming champion for the fourth time. Their medal list as follows:

8th Bangladesh Games Medal Chart










Among the total medals, men won 40 Gold medals, 34 Silver medals and 33 Bronze medals while women won 71 Gold medals, 39 Silver medals and 29 Bronze medals.

It is to be mentioned that some renowned players from Ansar-VDP have associated in different other teams and won Gold medals. The credit of winning Gold medals by those players in fact goes to Ansar-VDP. It is the Ansar-VDP who have created those players. We have fostered them by providing them with salary, allowance and other facilities to date. It is a matter of misfortune that in the eleventh hour they have joined another team. As a result, we have been deprived of 26 Gold medals. Nevertheless, we are glad at their successes. We wish them more success and prosperity in future. A list of the players who left Ansar VDP  and joined another team is given below:

Description of the players who left Ansar VDP  and joined another team


Name of the competitors


Name of the Sport

During joining Ansar

During joining other team

Result of Eight Bangladesh Games



Sonia Akter

A.G.M. Ansar




06 Gold



Mahfuza Khatun

A.G.M. Ansar




02 Gold



Nazma Khatun

Allownace receivee




07 Gold



Lucky Khatun

Allownace receivee




03 Gold



Jwel Rana

Betalian Ansar




06 Gold



Sahamim Osman

Betalian Ansar




01 Gold



Asrafuzzam Shamim

Betalian Ansar




01 Gold



26 Gold

Key to success of Ansar VDP in the field of games and sports

Continuous pracitce is a must behind every success. No success can be acheived without continuous pracitce. Proper measures are also important for continuous  pracitce. One can progress in any enterprise by taking proper measures in proper time. Regular practice is the root-principle of games and sports. A player can reach the heights of success by regular practice. A well management and organizing system are a must in interest of regular practice. It is possible to build a successful game and sport team through prudence of a well managment and organizer. It is a top most necessity of a skilled and experienced coach in any sport team. The key to success in respect of game and sport is the physical and mental health, lard labour, practice with much dedication and the patronizing of the officials related to this. The team was made with competitors collected from different remote villages of our country and then they were made fit through regular practice. Every year annual games and sports competition is arranged in the grass-root level so that their performance can excel in.

Skilled, active, interested candiadates are selected from the members coming in party’s union, upozilla and district convocation. Players are collected and created from the grass-root level through arranging various sport competitions in the upozilla and district levels. Then the players are provided with much facilities in different districts and academies. Besides these, they are given regular payment and allowance and rason.

They are also provided with regular practice in different academies and areas. For this, taking care of the officials and coaches is ensured. The players of the force are also provided with standard food (special diet).

The players who have done records and acheived success are given prize-money, salary and speical gift. Sometimes, to meet the demand of their practice and final competition, they are also provided with dress and other materials.

Proposal and future plan

w         To make more glorious result in sport  and to continue the present success of the Ansar VDP sport team in the field of games and sports, hard practice of players is to be exercised.

w         In order to win more medals in international championship and to create more good players  after collecting growing players through our project “Talent Haunt” from the different places of the country, improved training is to provided.

w         In order to create some international standard players, we have a plan to build a complete gymnasium and a complete swimming pool in the Ansar VDP Academy.

w         A plan to be taken to build a complete sport complex to increase the facilities of practice.

w         To brighten the state of Ansar VDP in the field of games and sports,  the role of print and electronic media to be ensured.

w         Duration of trainings and practice can be made for 45 days in stead of 30 days.

w         Initiative to be taken to solve the problems including residence and own training infrastructure.

w         In order to improve sport, budgetary measures of fund meeds to ensure  in the national budget.

w         The representation of Ansar-VDP in every federation to be ensured.

w         The representation of Ansar-VDP with important position in the District Sport Organization to be ensured.

w         To grow the skill and to get inspiration, it is a must to send the good players and organizers   of different teams abroad   upon cost and responsibility of federation and government.


Bangladesh Ansar-VDP is  a store and field of sports potentialities. Bangladesh Ansar will be to earn good name and fame not only in the country but also outside the country. For this, we need suitable materials, training suiting field and apt trainers. Not only that, for the improvement of this much potential field, patronizing from government and non-government levels is a must.

We believe that the weakness of sport restructure will be removed if we get the cooperation of individuals and institutions that are necessary and sponsorship may come for different competitions from private institutions. The 8th Bangladesh Games started with the slogan “Hridoye Khelar Spondon”. Bangladesh Ansar won the highest seat in the competition, winning 111 Gold medals with much dedication, perseverance and hard exercise. Preparation of 9th Bangladesh Games should be started right now. For this, we need proper planning, taking care, lard labour and regular practice.


We hope we will go ahead leaving behind every obstacle, limitation, weakness, impediment and others. Crossing our national borders, we are committed to establish the pride of Bangladesh in the soil of foreign countries. In  conclusion, we can say that Bangladesh will be a country with  limitless possibilities of games  with evergreen beauty. Through cooperation, brotherhood and intimacy Bangladesh will turn into a place of get-together for all.