Swelling Blemish

--Md. Rafiqul Alam

Fickle you are in expression

Can change color in season,

Nor does it need any excuse………

You imbibe turbulent whitening foam of sea;

Storm can impede before you to jerk a bit of fumbling.

Creation and destruction are interwoven in you,

But the chasm I see can never end;

The endless horizon still convenes for dark destination

Lightlessness grasps and thickens the depth of crisis.

Your ungrateful presence loiters and heaves my passion,

Delight has been taken away

With the bucolic song of flounce,

A vestige of unknown confounds me in fathomless pit.

A moment of momenta raises a tumultuous fury

Set ablaze in soft heart,

Two poles of difference would never meet union,

Separation of long passion bugles of unrelenting infliction,

An obliquely furtive glance will never mingle,

Left only a haziness of visualization in remoteness.

Reality reluctantly does not realize reality of relation,

It trumpets the resonance of tragic vision

And lost vision will never emerge and reconciliate

To hail the craving passion of reunion.

Md. Rafiqul Alam is a civil servant who writes poems, articles and

professional writings.