The 4-wheeled democracy

--M. A. Hashem

It may be strange to think how and why democracy needs four wheels.Does it move like automobiles? The answer is yes. Democracy not only moves, but also carries the whole nation. The four wheels are made of the national psychology and democracy movesthrough the highway of the national psychology.

The four wheels are nothing but the essential elements ofhuman virtues like kindness, forgiveness, tolerance and patriotism.The political parties of a nation are the powersource of the democracy vehicle. The politician of a party must understand, reflect andpractices the four mentioned human virtues. When majority of the politicians becomeused with the four human virtues, the democracy vehicle carries the whole nationefficiently and peacefully towards prosperity.

The democracy vehicle can easily be maneuvered towards left, rightor straight forwardwith the whole load of the nation if the politicians are seasoned with the four essentialhuman virtues.

The earth is a small garden, but has to support billions of mankind divided into differentraces, cultures and religions. A democratic nation can comfortably co-exist in this vastocean of human race.When a politician or an individual fails to reflect with the sense ofkindness, forgiveness, tolerance and patriotism, the negative forces (i.e. vices) germinate in that individual. Slowly and gradually, the forces may engulf the whole nation in notime. Vices like arrogance, greed (for bothpower and money) and hypocrisy spread like cancer in the nation body. Slowly the nation is doomed to the situation of confusion,confrontation and destruction.

Our children should be taught how to be kind, how to reflect with the sense offorgiveness and tolerance, how to develop the sense ofpatriotism. The sense of kindnessattracts the sense of forgiveness and vice-versa. Tolerance is the flavor of all human virtuesand patriotism shows the nation the bright way towards peace and prosperity.

1435 years ago, the believers were blessed with Allah’s coined phrase,”In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”. We should contemplate on these two words “Most Gracious” and “Most Merciful”. The sense of compromise and co-existence will beembossed in our political philosophy from the constant contemplation of Allah’s most gifted phrase, individually as well as collectively. We should try to understand that the 4-wheeled democracy can easily facilitate the production of sustainable 2-wheeledparliament, the ruling party and the opposition, to establish sustainable justice,security and peace in an independent sovereign country.