The common langurs of Keshabpur in Bangladesh

--Md. Faruque Hossain Conservator of Forest Social Forest Circle, Jessore Department of Forest

7. Faruque Hossain

Keshabpur is a upozilla under Jessore District and situated about 40 Km from Jessore city by the side of the River Kapotakha. Keshabpur was famous for its child the great poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta once. Keshabpur is known to all for its black -faced lnagurs now -a-days. But unfortunately, the langur is going to be enrolled in the list of extinct animals.

The scientific name of the langur is Semnopithacus entellus. It loves to live in the open place. Keshabpur is being delighted for this type of langur. The langurs are living in at Shahapara, Ramchandrapur, Upazila complex compound, SFPC, Bhogoti, Brahmakati, upazila health complex, Bahiladanga, Madhyakul, Altapole, Majidpur and Narendrapur areas under Keshabpur upazila and some other upazillas in Jessore district. Their habitats are bushes, Jungles, fruit tress and other trees. But the habitat of the black – faced langurs are narrowing day by day as people are constracting, houses, shops, markets, commercial spaces etc for them by cutting trees and bushes.

The langurs are being bound to migrate in other upazilas and districts in search of food and suitable living places for which the rare species langurs are seen various places in the country. They loved to eat different types of fruits, Pea nuts, bread, Vegetable, twigs etc.

It is estimated that there are a total of 350 black-faced langurs in Keshabpur upazila now. We need to create a suitable environment for the black-faced langur before extinction of this species. And this is the high time to protect the animal for the sake of our ecological balance. We also need to meet the demands of food of the langurs. The Forest department is allocating Tk 1916.50 for a total of 350 langurs a day which is not sufficient. We should aware that artificial food is less suitable than that of the natural for the growth of the langurs.

Steps should be taken to make natural resources of food. A place should be declared as safe heaven for the langurs where their movements would be free of all types of obstructions. The Hindus thought the langurs as their god. That is why; the safe heaven of the langurs should be a place where Hindus are majority. The langur park area should be planted with various types of fruit species. If the langur park established, people of the area will be facilitated by creating new jobs.

And all should be done according to planned steps. If forest department is given the charge of responsibility of looking after the rare species, the department will need sufficient manpower for it.  It is necessary to take initiatives to establish a langur park for the conservation of this rear species of common langurs. The government should consider the matter as soon as possible for the sake of our ecological balance.