The plant kingdom

The plant kingdom (PK) is the base of sustenance of all creatures. The Pk is the carpet of the earth surface and is a tent for living creatures. It is not only the basic foundation of the environment, but is also the beauty, decoration and flavor of the environment.

The PK is the main coordinating factor of PLANETARY life-support. Other two are water and soil. The Pk absorbs, stores and transports solar energy. The soil stores, transports and supplies life-supporting elements, eg. sodium, potassium, carbon, calcium, chlorides, iron, magnesium, zinc along with many other essential elements. Water is the super highway for conveying messages (ie. life supporting factors) of the other two factors (soil and PK). It is understood that the deficiency of one factor creates unbalance to our environment and hence, the existence of life may be seriously threatened. The Pk is the foundation base of our civilization. It shows us how to be humble, it slows us how to educate our children and shows us how to plan our economy. It not only supports the animal kingdom but also inspires how to be disciplined, civilized and energetic.

Our children constitute the human garden ie. children garden who are supposed to be trained and taught to develop the friendship with the natural garden of the Pk. We have to take our children to the garden (open environment) and inspire them to love garden. Slowly and gradually,  they will then learn how to love each other, how to love the neighbors, how to love the elders and how to love the mother land.

We should not therefore, harm plants and trees. We should not even touch them unnecessarily. If we can teach our children how to love and take care the PK, our agricultural out-put will be sustainable which will promote a self-sustainable economy with a constant accelerating speed.

Loving the PK will help our younger generation to develop balanced behavior. They will not be influenced by the negative forces of society. The negative forces are creating a group of (gang members), a group of drug-addicts, looters and muscle-players who are constantly threatening our social harmony and peace in our society.

The Holy Quran states “do you not see that God has subjected to your (use) all things in the heavens and on the earth. And has made His bounties flow to you in exceeding measures, (both) seen and unseen. Yet, there are among men who dispute about God without knowledge and without guidance, and without a Book to enlighten them.” [Sura XXX1, Lugman (the Wise), Verses 20].

Therefore, when the Holy Quran states “all things in the heavens and on the earth have been made subjected to us,” we can assume that God has allowed custody of plants to us and as such, we should endeavor to be good guardians of the Plant Kingdom.