The unflinching support of the parliament

It is in this backdrop that we urge our government to start a serious appraisal of our RMG industries. Industrial auditors should be brought in to scan the industry from top to bottom. The rights of the workers, the expectation of the employer, the negotiating capability of the marketer, the role of industrial police, our inspection system must come under the microscope.
A credible audit and swift implementation of their recommendations will allow us to avert losing our GSP facility in Europe and perhaps obtain duty-free status for entry of garments in the US. Let us not forget that we are the world’s second largest RMG supplier. We can through quick and easy steps become the No.1 supplier with export earnings of US$ 50 billion if we can get our house in order.
There are powerful and influential persons in the RMG industry. To what use is the 30 odd member of parliament who are also garment owners? Why they have not voiced their concern in more emphatic terms and taken initiatives to contain this loss of image? Mr. Fazlul Azim MP and a garment owner has only implored the brands not to abandon buying garments from Bangladesh.
Only the weight of the prime minister’s office and the unflinching support of the parliament and our judiciary can see us through this man-made crisis.