UDDIPAN: Thirty years’ journey to development endeavours

--Md. Emranul Huq Chowdhury

UDDIPAN as one of the largest development organizations in Bangladesh has been serving to 4,05,384 families covering   22,49,735 people across the country through its multifarious development programs . Again it is involved in doing advocacy for establishing a separate Division for Children under Women and Children Affairs Ministry through the platform of CRGA. Not only that but also UDDIPAN is trying to address the issue of children’s illegal, immoral and risky involvement to serve political interest. UDDIPAN is also working to create banking opportunities for about 8-10 lac street children and working for adolescents as well to ensure the rights of four lac domestic children labors.

UDDIPAN considers poverty alleviation from human rights point of view. By the term poverty alleviation UDDIPAN means a positive development of its service receivers in their family income, education, health, nutrition, recreation, social awareness, freedom of expressing opinions, positive change in decision making, sanitation, birth control, family and social rights, dignity of children and women.

To alleviate poverty, UDDIPAN started its journey in 1984. In 1991 when UDDIPAN was associated with micro credit activities, there were only 54 workers in UDDIPAN in its four branches including its head office in Dhaka. But at present, under micro credit activities, there are 1,920 workers of UDDIPAN in its 229 branches excluding its head office in Dhaka. UDDIPAN has got a staff of 2, 832 in totals in its 314 projects and branch offices including other projects and activities. Besides, UDDIPAN has been working in 37 districts, 165 upazilas and 1148 unions of Bangladesh.

United Development Initiatives for Programmed Action in its abbreviated name UDDIPAN in Bangla signifies a special meaning. In the word, there is an indissolubly link between one being encouraged and one encouraging others.

The authenticity of the name UDDIPAN can be found in its visions. It aims at establishing an environment friendly society where there will be no poverty, no exploitation and no deception where justice prevails. The society will be free from all kinds of discrimination for the males, females, children and the youths and in case of exercising rights everybody will show his capacity. And their participation in the socio-economic, political and cultural process will be dignified. UDDIPAN dreams and makes visions to establish such society.


And with these views in mind, UDDIPAN is to establish their rights through empowerment of economically backward males, females, children and youths. To pass and overcome the roadmap, pivoting round the female members of the society, UDDIPAN is adapting many methods aiming at poverty alleviation in family, opportunities for employment, growth of production, development of human resources and their leadership in the society. Side by side, to implement their missions UDDIPAN is organizing people, making them aware, encouraging them to establish their organization through networking, ensuring advocacy and lobbying in the policy fixing levels.

The partners of development of UDDIPAN are the poor hard working villagers especially females, the poor widows, the divorcees, the husband abandoned women, the dependant on others, the adults, the physically handicapped, the family with handicapped, the acid victims, the beggars, the shelterless, the landless farmers, the shopkeepers, the fishermen, the char dwellers far from locality,  people struggling against and living amongst natural calamity  on the seacoast, the poor people in the cities, the rickshaw pullers, the van pullers, the people with policy fixation, the intellectuals and the journalist.

UDDIPAN through its different subjective knowledge, skill development and vocational training,  has been serving the agricultural field especially grain production and marketing fish cultivation, livestock and poultry farming, environmental friendly activities, cottage industry, garments industry, food processing, information technology and communication, repairing and selling electronic equipment even various income increasing activities.

Side by side, UDDIPAN is extending its cooperation in providing stipend to the brilliant students of the poorest families and thus creating opportunities for their higher education. UDDIPAN is also providing stipend even to the children in poor families. UDDIPAN is giving loans up to taka ten lac in the field of small entrepreneurship in order to extend and market productive activities of the service receivers. Again UDDIPAN is giving loans on easy terms in the natural calamities prone areas. On the other hand, UDDIPAN has taken special loan activities for the Imams. User friendly Stove (Bandhu Chulla) activities of UDDIPAN began in 2011. Alongside, since 2011 under green energy project UDDIPAN is providing solar energy to the remote village areas of the country by setting up solar Home System. Since 2006, UDDIPAN has launched various insurance activities for protecting economical condition of the poor people. Besides, since 1984 UDDIPAN has made arrangements for deposit scheme to ensure the security of surplus money of the service receivers. Since 2011, UDDIPAN has been handing over remittance sent by the emigrants lawfully and safely. UDDIPAN has given stipend to 113 meritorious students of 113 families under its project area for their brilliant result in SSC and HSC exam. UDDIPAN has given vocational training to about 5000 adolescents and youth since 1991 till today. And in the last year, in port city Chittagong, UDDIPAN has established a Technical and Vocational Education and Training Centre for the children and youths of poor families. Besides, since 1995, UDDIPAN is providing health and nutrition care to the members of 79,716 in 466 villages throughout the country. UDDIPAN has been working to uphold the rights of the children since 1995.


Next to, UDDIPAN is providing its service regarding various issues to increase deposit tendency, importance of education, creating women empowerment, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, gender mitigation of natural calamity, climate, child development and rights etc.

If we observe one or two statistics of these, we can realize a little bit the capacity and saturation of UDDIPAN in achieving economical rights of the poor people. Such as on May 31, 2014 in the field level of UDDIPAN the total amount of loan distribution was 3795.38 crore taka. UDDIPAN’s loan activities on Time Realization (OTR) 98.72%; Cumulative Recovery Rate(CRR) 99.38%; Operating Self Sufficiency (OSS) 182.85%; and Financial Self Sufficiency(FSS) 126.66%. Besides, in the last five years, the rate of increasing income and wealth as follows; 2008-2009, income 19%, Wealth 47%; 2009-2010, income; 21%, wealth 18%; 2010-2011 income 18% wealth 19% and 2012-2013 income 18% wealth 20% which is obviously an indicative of economically strong position of the organization. Besides, in the last five years, loan disbursed by each worker respectively are; 2008-2009; 16.27 lac, 2009-2010; 22.31 lac, 2010-2011; 25.31 lac , 2011-2012; 30.51 lac and January 2013-December 2013; 37.09 lac and while distributing the loans the expanse of each one taka as follows in 2008-2009; 0.08, 2009-2010; 0.07, 2010-2011; 0.08, 2011-2012; 0.09, January-2013 to December 2013; 0.10.  To continue this order of prosperity, UDDIPAN has much emphasis on human resource and implementation of technology based activities. To this purpose, appointment of suitable candidates, training, proper facilities, bonus and development of working environment, UDDIPAN is implementing a series of activities.

Besides, UDDIPAN has planned to set up an Old Age House very soon. It has also planned to establish hospitals and high schools and colleges keeping in mind the quality of education.

The Institution of Chartered Accounts of Bangladesh (ICAB) has awarded UDDIPAN 13th ICAB National Award for Best Presented Annual Reports-2012. It is to be mentioned that ICAB gives this award evaluating professionalism of an organization. UDDIPAN got the above mentioned award in 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. However, last year UDDIPAN secured the first place.

UDDIPAN has earned “Certificate of Merit” as a Non-government Organization (NGO) among the SAARC forming countries for Best Presented Annual Report Awards and SAARC Anniversary Awards for the Corporate Governance Disclaimer-2012.

Here in UDDIPAN’s Madaya Branch (Comilla Zone) has earned ‘Silver Award’ under MY WC Ambassador Program 2013 arranged by Western Union (Bangladesh). Western Union (Bangladesh). Western Union (Bangladesh) has given this award for achieving the target limit of giving remittance in January-April 2013 period.

In 2012-2013 credit rating made by Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh (CRAB), UDDIPAN’s gained the rate of standard Long Term AA3, short Term ST-2 and outlook: stable.

UDDIPAN is registered with Social Welfare Directorate, NGO Affairs Bureau, Joint Stock Company and Micro credit Regulatory Authority. UDDIPAN is playing instrumental role as an important organization in national level and also as a member of various national, regional and international networks. Major of those are Bangladesh Shishu Adikar Forum (BSAF), Child Rights Governance Assembly (CRGA), Asian Muslim Action Networks (AMAN), Asian Resource Foundation, ATSEC, Girl Child Advocacy Forum, Credit Development Forum (CDF), INAFI Bangladesh, SAP-Bangladesh etc.

UDDIPAN is always vigilant to bring accountability and transparency in its all activities. That is why, to fulfill this purpose, it activities have been strengthened through skilled and efficient IT engineers. Now, each working area of UDDIPAN has been brought under mobile and computer networking. There is an own data center and mail server of UDDIPAN in its head office.

In addition, the web based automated software is on the edge of implementation where the live data on microcredit, social development, finance and accounts, human resources management and administration will be made available. It is hoped that by 2014, a large part of UDDIPAN’s working area will come under the automated services. Moreover, UDDIPAN’s website www.uddipan.org has been enriched so that UDDIPAN’s beneficiaries, all stockholders and other concerned have the access and know about UDDIPAN’s overall activities in details. Besides, the Executive Body and the General Board has been playing significant role to bring enhanced exposure for the organization.