Unique programme for enhancing psychosocial issues and patriotism among the students of Dhaka College

Prof. Md. Shajahan & Prof. Masuda Begum

Ensuring the quality education through integrated approach and regaining the reputation of Dhaka College, Principal of Dhaka College, Professor Dr. Ayesha Begum has emphasized on mental, social and moral development of students. She has estimated that holistic development approach could assist the pupils’ to explore their creativity and academic excellence. To achieve the objectives, a workshop titled “Know Thyself and Self Rectification”, was held at 19 June 2011. There is a need to create an access of mental health care and support as well as positive moral reasoning in the education institution like Dhaka College, Dhaka. As an outcome of the programme, Counseling and Guidance Center of Dhaka College, Dhaka has been inaugurated at 26 January, 2012 for providing mental health care of students’, teachers and staffs’ of Dhaka College, Dhaka. The center is open for all students and teachers on each Monday and Tuesday from 12.00 pm to 2.OOpm.

The authority of DhakaCollege, Dhaka makes decision to conduct various programme throughout the year for enhancing the mental status and moral reasoning among students. A committee has been formed to design and implement various activities on 25 February 2013. The structure and members of the Advisory and Executive committee is given below;

Advisory committee members

1.         Md. Shajahan, Professor and Chairman, Department of Sociology, Dhaka College, Dhaka

2.         Naaz Noman, Professor and Chairman, Department of English, DhakaCollege, Dhaka Executive committee members:

The committee has planned to organize various activities and also prepared a schedule for yearly plan in 2013. The committee has organized a motivating “Discussion and Consultation Meeting” with students and teachers on “Morality and Education” which was held on 25 March, 2013 where large number of students and teachers were present. The renowned counseling psychologist Mehatb Khanam, Professor, Department of Psychology presented theoretical and practical aspects of doing immoral acts by young people of Bangladesh. Professor Aysha Begum, Principal of Dhaka College, Dhaka also discussed about the contemporary conditions of developing immoral acts among the students, teacher and others’ as chairperson of the ceremony.

A series of activities were designed for the students to improve the mental status and morality. The content, methods and strategies of activities are:

w         To develop a committee consisting with students, representatives of students leaders and teachers for organizing various activities. Two students of first year’s honors in each department and two students of HSC level of Dhaka College, Dhaka were selected for this committee and two students’ leaders from selected students committee were included in this committee.

w         To conduct various seminars, workshops, open discussion, consultation meet, exchange views and meeting with the students of Dhaka College alone with others educational institution from Dhaka city on various issues for enhancing mental, social and moral conditions.

w         The committee has decided some content as a discussion for various progamme such as patriotism, eve teasing, substance abuse, stress and burnout management, anger management, role of masculinities on aggression, leadership, interpersonal communication skills, life skills, frustration and aggression, violence against children and women, fundamentalism, social rules and responsibilities etc.

w         The prominent and renowned resources and personality of the country has presented in the various occasion in respective fields. Renowned personalities and prominent experts will participate in various programmes.

For the technological advancement, urbanization and industrialization, students are facing various difficulties in terms of mental, social and moral life. They need to find out the constructive tools and mechanism to adjust with the present challenges. The planned activities would play a vital role to reduce their stress and connect themselves with positivity and humanity.