Editor’s Note

Upazila Chairman Shahjahan and his activities for development of Sandwip: Comments of different walks of life

Sandwip is a famous historic island. It has many historic and socio-economic reasons to be famous at home and abroad. But, due to river erosion, most prominent parts of the island have already gone into the river. It has no effective communication network with the mainland of the country. It remains out of touch of modern civic amenities and facilities. The sufferings of the people living in Sandwip know no bounds.


Master Mohammad Shahjahan is the present Chairman of Sandwip Upazila Parishad. He has a long background of political, social, cultural and academic activities in Sandwip. He is a die-hard Awami Leaguer. But, he is the man who currently links the people of all walks of life of Sandwip through his different activities and untiring efforts for the development of Sandwip, especially for strengthening the movement of Sandwip Cross-Dam, which are rarely seen among others. Since his assumption of office of Sandwip Upazila Chairman, he is working with commitment to fulfil the aspirations of Sandwipees. For his effective roles and activities in Sandwip, currently he has been awarded the Ideal Upazila Chairman by National Human Rights Society, Dhaka and Honour by Television Reporters’ Association of Bangladesh (TRAB), Dhaka.


Realizing all these, The Guardian chooses to focus on him and his activities, so that his efforts can inspire others. Accordingly, to share our feelings with the Sandwipees, we invited the people of different walks of life of Sandwip, irrespective of caste, creed and political affiliation, to give their valuable comments about Shahjahan as a man and as a leader and his activities for the development of Sandwip.


Everyone, we invited, took it with great pleasure and appreciated this initiative of The Guardian very much. Many sent comments, but many could not due to limitation of time and preoccupation. We, however, express regrets for any inconvenience from our side.


The Guardian journalists, especially our city editor Fardous Mobarak, chief reporter Harun-Al-Rashid, writer Prof. S M Latif Talukder, staff reporters Mostafa Kamal, Fazlul Kabir, Munir Hossain, correspondent Akbar Ali Rumi and our guest representative, editor of Weekly Dwiper Kantha,  Nadim Shah Alamgir have worked with me devotedly to prepare this special story.


Those, who sent their comments, are categorically eminent citizens, principals of colleges, superintendents of madrasas, headmasters of high schools, vice-chairmen of upazila parishads, mayor of pourashava, chairmen of union parishads and young generation. Their valuable comments are accordingly presented here for The Guardian readers at home and abroad.