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Abul Hashem
The Guardian


As the river goes
With all murmur towards its desired goal
Without any stoppage anywhere,
The two of you go on, go on
With all smile towards the dream you cherish for
Without caring who says what!

As the flying bird moves on
With all promise towards its cherished destination
Crossing all the struggles and storms,
The two of you move on, move on
With all belief towards the end you wish to reach
Leaving all the superstitions and obstacles aside!

As the vastness of the sea
With all care waters the land
Without any miserliness,
The two of you flow ahead
With all warm of life to serve each other
And hold the hands of each other
With the deepest ties of love forever!

As the loftiness of the sky
With all illusion opens to all
And covers everyone without any limitation,
The two of you open to each other
With all emotion to share the pains and pleasures
And discover each other with all faith and promise!

As the time passes with actions
Keeping the records of ups and downs,
The two of you remain pledge-bound
As companions and comrades in weal and woes
Conquering the difficult journey of life to ease,
And become close to closest to each other everyday
And be trusted to each other forever
And live in peace and happiness
Turning whatever misunderstandings happen in life
To easy solution with the strength of love and belief.

The poet is wishing-
You- the two loving hearts all the best
And your love and ties be everlasting
And the two of you be happy forever
The poet wishes you so,
All would wish you so.
And the poet prays-
May Allah make you happy forever.
So be it;
And so be it!

10.12.03//1:30 am (night)