Zinaray High School: A school that educates the village people

Zinaray High School is one of the remarkable schools in Kishoreganj. Founded in 1989 by Md. Abdul Karim along with some educationists in the village of Zinaray this school spreads the light of education to the village students with much fame. The people whose contributions to this school will not be forgotten are Mr. Hasem Uddin, Haji Md. Zinnat Ali, Haji Md. Shirajul Haque, Md. Taher Uddin, Md. Shahidul Islam, Md. Moqbul Hossain and others, Mr. Rashid informed that, about six hundred students read in this school.

But the number of teachers is very few. The infrastructure of this school is very poor. This school has got no financial help from the government yet to continue academic activities smoothly. The school has only two half-bricked buildings where the students suffer a lot while they are at classroom. If a complete bricked building is made for the students, it will help them to conduct their educational activities, He mentioned that.

The results of the school in the last public years are comparable to any other school in Kishorganj. In the year 2010 89% students, in 2011, 81% students in 2012, 80% students passed in the SSC exam.

Besides their good results, the students of this school have showed their talent in various cultural, sports and other extra-curriculum activities in District and country level. They the Runner-up trophy in Inter-school Debate Competition held in 2012.

Alhaj Shiraj Uddin (Titu) is the President of the Managing Committee. It is learnt that Mr Ashraful Islam, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Local Governemnt and Rural Development (LGRD), the People’s Republic of Bangladesh once promised to build a multistoried building for the school but it is yet to see the light of the day.

He also thanks The Guardian, the only development monthly magazine in Bangladesh, to give him a scope to focus on NationalBanglaHigh School and thus making ZinarayHigh School recognized at home and abroad.

Life Sketch of Mr. Rashid

Abdur Rashid was born in Kishorganj. he has taken the charge of Headmaster of this school after retirement of founder Headmaster Abdul Karim. Abdur Rashid is a BA. B.Ed. He was a student of the University of Dhaka. He has been working as teacher for a long time. Before being headmaster he worked as teacher with reputation in different schools in Kishoregong.